Fly to Key West with Paragon Flight

We all have deemed of becoming pilots at one point (well most of us have). The absolute #1 reason to become a pilot (besides picking up the ladies) is pure freedom and adventure. Pilots in Southwest Florida can day trip in a Cessna 172 to places like Bimini, St. Petersburg, South Beach, Daytona, Disney, Cuba (if you’re ballsy) and my personal favorite Key West! So, since I’m the one writing the blog, we are going to talk about Key West.

Key West is a place like no other on Earth, it’s truly a paradox. People from every walk of life are there with one common goal to relax, enjoy the tropical weather and have a good time. It is amazing to see millionaires bankers having drinks and sharing laughs with the guy that swallowed a freakin’ flaming sword for beer money at Mallory Square.


  • Like history? – Key West has two Historical Forts and a rich history of Wreckers and Swashbucklers.
  • Wanna party like Axle Rose? – Key West will humble your appetite for destruction.
  • Want to go to a clothing optional bar? – Key West has it (Spoiler Alert: none of the people you want to see  naked are)
  • Want to relax on the beach? – Key West has two beautify beaches (one has naked people if that’s your thing)
  • Want to see kitties jump through flaming hoops of fire? – Yup, got that too.
  • Like seafood? – Key West has raw bars that you can bring your own catch to and they will cook it up for $10
  • Foodie? – Everything you can think up is here – Some of the best food in the State is in Key West.
  • Fishing? – Amazing deep see fishing charters leave Key West several times a day.

Wow, Key West is an easy trip – it’s a no brainer right? Actually, no, Key West has so much to offer yet few pilots have even attempted the short 1 hour flight down. We starting asking why and the most popular reasons were that the trip is intimidating because it’s over water, it’s an unfamiliar field, it’s an unfamiliar traffic pattern, it’s over water (yeah, I said it’s over water twice). We decided that it was time to launch a friendly, no pressure course to help our great students enjoy one of the most memorable flights they will ever make.

It’s called  “The Key West Traveler” (I know it’s not the most original name, stay with me people). The program is for pilots that are curious about the short trek but didn’t know how to start. The program is a ground school followed up by an actual flight with an Instructor to and from Key West. We will be with you the whole way making sure you are 100% comfortable with the flight so you can relax a bit. Some points that are covered by the program are:

  • Over-water flying and safety precautions
  • Airspace, including ADIZ, class C, class D, warning areas, and Restricted areas
  • Radio communications
  • Flight planning specific to IFR or VFR
  • Where to go during your stay in Key West

After the ground portion we will actually fly the planned route with you to give you the real world experience that will allow you to feel confident to take the whole family for the weekend or just a great day trip for lunch at Sloppy Joes.

Happy Flying