Paragon Flight has recently added an amazing piece of training equipment to help their students become better pilots – faster & cheaper! The average cost savings is 45-50% per flight hour vs the traditional Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna 172, so it is an amazing tool that students should take advantage of. Amazingly,  some certificates qualify use of the simulator for 20-40% of the required hours. That is $1000’s of dollars in potential savings people!

The brand new full motion simulator is manufactured by Redbird Simulators and is widely considered to be the most advanced and realistic primary training simulator on the market. The machine is fully FAA Certified AATD and can it’s time can be logged towards Private Pilot, Commercial, Multi-Engine and Instrument Certificates.

Paragon’s Part 61 and Part 141 syllabus is currently being revised to incorporate the simulators to help improve flight and situational proficiency without ever leaving the ground. Our instructors are able to change almost any aspect of the flight instantaneously, adding multiple degrees of difficulty that help prepare students for different situations they might encounter one day. Being able to challenge the student with difficult situations such as fog, high cross winds, engine failures or other emergencies without ever leaving the ground is a great teaching tool. That is a huge advantage for the student and through repeated training and rehearsal they will become more prepared, confident and ultimately a safer pilot.

Paragon has the Cessna 172 and Tecnam P2006t Glass cockpits for the simulator so our students can easily transition from their training aircraft. This is a tremendous investment in our school and we hope our students take advantage and benefit from its unique teaching properties.