Paragon Flight has earned a track record for providing the some of the best aviation training available anywhere in the country. Because we’re determined to be your only logical choice when it comes to learning to fly, we’ve teamed up with Jeppesen, creators of the best training systems and materials in the world, to provide you with access to an unparalleled combination of aviation training expertise, ease-of-use, convenience and economy.

For over 75 years, Jeppesen’s application-oriented approach to pilot training has been helping aviation professionals reach their destinations safely and efficiently. Today, the company offers an ever-expanding array of innovative information products, services and software considered to be the best aviation training available anywhere. When you combine Jeppesen’s training with the high caliber instructors, modern equipment and hands-on experience Paragon Flight brings to the table, you’ll learn more than just the facts – you’ll also learn the “why” and “how” behind the aeronautical concepts you need to grasp fully.

Jeppesen’s Initial Certification Materials, Test Preparation and CFI Renewal courses all include a software library of Computer Aided Instruction Tools, providing visual, hands-on training to help you quickly master almost every operational task required without digging for hours, buried in manufacturer-provided manuals. Their scenario-based, guided simulation is award-winning, enabling you to easily learn at your own pace.

Jeppesen pilot training kits were developed for both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 training programs, providing the most complete aviation training packages available. With Jeppesen’s FliteSchool® Multimedia Software, Airmen Knowledge Test Guides, Stage Exam Booklets, Exam Packages and Practical Test Standard to choose from, purchasing a kit provides you with economical, convenient access to current, comprehensive, integrated materials.

Whether you choose sport pilot, private pilot or commercial pilot training, Jeppesen’s syllabus is divided into three stages. A stage check occurs at the end of each stage and a stage exam occurs at the end of each stage of both flight and ground training. There is also an end-of-course exam and flight check at the conclusion of the course.

Paragon Flight’s highly trained fully licensed instructors will work with you directly as you train, providing you with the kind of hands-on experience and expert guidance that can help Jeppesen’s renowned training take you to that next level fast. Our modern training facilities, top-notch flight instructors and modern equipment provide the perfect compliment to Jeppesen’s training courses and materials. Together, we’ll make it much easier, faster and more fun for you to get your pilot’s training from Paragon than it would be from – well – anywhere else on the planet!