My Discovery Flight With Paragon

Someone’s first ‘hands-on’ flight experience is an unforgettable memory. Whether it’s the first time in a small aircraft or someone who has experience being behind the controls with a certified flight instructor is a great gift to give. We value this first flight experience at Paragon, by providing you with the friendliest service, safety briefs, and unforgettable memories.

This “mini-lesson” is only $125 and you will get 30 minutes of hands-on flight experience that you can count towards your license. You and one of our FAA Approved Flight Instructors will start by performing an actual pre-flight of the plane and then you will become the pilot- in- command and take the controls with help from your instructor.

My Discovery Flight with Paragon Flight

I’ve never been in a Cessna 172. I’ve never worn a headset and I’ve never had to admit how weak I am because I couldn’t close a door properly. But May 8, 2019, was the day I would put myself into those situations.

The Preflight

One thing I have always valued is how personable someone can be, and Paragon Flight’s instructors are great at becoming that friendly face. From the second I walked into Paragon, not only was my instructor excited for me to be there but so was everyone else. That kind of positive environment can be the difference between an okay, and an amazing experience. I’ll admit that although I was excited, I had no clue what I was about to do. I was highly concerned that somehow, something was going to happen midair and I was going to have to go all Captain Sully and make some weird maneuvers all on my own. I always think of the weirdest hypothetical situation when it comes to a new experience, but I think because of the uplifting environment I was definitely ready for this.

The Flight

Walking out to the plane was filled with information about what typically happens in a discovery flight. We talked about how people are given the chance to fly the plane themselves, but of course, I took a step back from that one. I’m an experience kind of person, I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the ride. The pre-flight was explained to me and we went through safety checklists. Once we were in the plane, I stumbled on some information… that being how to close a plane door.

Yes, I struggled the most with closing the plane door properly and checked that off of my bucket list. Seeing what goes on control wise was what blew me away the most. All of the switches, knobs, and buttons were all over the place and I think it amazes me because it shows just how much knowledge has to go into flying a plane. The flying itself was a blast and such a different feeling! Seeing Sanibel and Captiva island was beautiful and of course picture worthy, this experience was like no other!

The Landing

Coming back into Page field was exciting, filled with lots of conversation with ATC. Flying takes a lot of attention and a lot of multitasking. My instructor explained what can happen and why it’s important to do the things they might do, whether it be for safety or just to help someone else out. When we landed it was strange because I couldn’t describe the feeling, but at that moment I knew that I was meant to become a pilot. I am excited for the new experiences with Paragon Flight and can say I now understand why people get a thrill out of flying. I can’t wait for the next step in my aviation journey.