Pilot Lifestyle: The Bahamas

Looking for your summer vacation destination? The Bahamas is a popular stop for those craving conch fritters and dreamy blue water. If you have time during your trip try the roadside conch salad, it is the freshest on the island! A trip to the Bahamas is a great learning experience for students who are looking for a great time and are also looking to get into international flight.

Marsh Harbor is a frequent stop for us at Paragon Flight. We have had two successful fly in events hosted in this scenic city. Marsh Harbor is a city in Abaco Islands; the town sits on a peninsula with plenty of views of the blue waters to go around. Adding to the unique aspects of the town, Marsh Harbor is the only city in the Bahamas with a stoplight. It is a growing destination with an increasing number of shops, cafés, resorts and is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Here you will get the sense of the small-town life while also getting to experience the big city element.

There are plenty of attractions to see while at Marsh Harbor. With its variety of beaches, historical sites, and shopping you are sure to be busy with activities. We recommend taking a boat ferry out to Hope Island where golf carts are the main source of transportation for a relaxing day. Eventually, you’re going to get hungry while touring the island, and if roadside conch salads and fritters are not on your menu of preference we recommend checking out these popular places; Snappas Restaurant for a laid back and friendly service, Back 2 Da Island for a quick and delicious bite to eat, and the Da Blue Hole for a nice sit down dining experience. Whichever restaurant you choose you can’t go wrong. Each location has a beautiful view of the cobalt blue ocean, sandy shores and provides a laid back and friendly vibe sure to make this a once in a lifetime experience.

Now that you have your restaurants and destination picked out where should you stay? You can check out these amenities or you can book an Airbnb for the ultimate island experience. Staying local through Airbnb lets you live like one of the locals. Experience the Island in a way you never thought you could.

For more information on how you can plan for the Bahamas ask Dispatch next time you’re in the office or call us at 239-274-3170. We will set you up with a well-informed flight instructor and you both will prepare for the flight by completing an eAPIS form. Once the form is completed your CFI will help you check off the required items on the Bahamas checklist that we have created for a smooth Bahamas trip. We hope to see you planning a Bahamas trip soon!