The Paragon Experience

When you think of Paragon we want you to have three words come to mind, those words are culture, relationships, and memories. Our highest priority is to provide each student with a personalized and professional flight training experience. We are unlike other flight schools; our school is designed for students who prefer a private one on one lesson with a flight instructor. We cater to you and create a schedule that best fits your lifestyle. The journey at Paragon begins with a one on one meeting with our Chief flight instructor to see where you are at in your aviation journey, whether you are transferring or brand new to flying we have your back!


We work hard to maintain an inviting feel in the school. When you walk in and grab your cup of coffee or your coke from our vintage Coca Cola machine you will experience the feeling of ‘home’. Greetings with smiling faces and warm welcomes are what we are all about. When you stop by Ground Ops feel free to help yourself to anything in the fridge, that is what it’s there for! From the very beginning to the very end we pride ourselves in our family-oriented culture. Here, everyone is a friend, the friendly and light atmosphere is what makes us who we are. We keep it fun while maintaining professionalism by hosting social events, sharing laughs in the office, creating memories and being ourselves! The reason we focus on this type of office culture is that we look forward to going to our jobs at Paragon and we want you to be excited about flight training. We want you to have fun and love what you do!


We mentioned this before; you are now one of our many students that come through the doors each and every day. We make a point to get to know you, to understand what makes you who you are. When you walk through the door you will be greeted by name and a “how are you”. We understand that everyone learns differently, and having a better understanding of who you are helping our instructors plan for your lessons and to provide you with the learning that best fits you. When you are excited about a great lesson or a successful check ride we are excited for you!

Forever Memories

Once you graduate from our school our goodbyes are always hard. Keeping in touch and hearing how our students are doing makes our day more exciting. Paragon should not only be a place where you learned to fly but a place of great memories, a place that you will stop in from time to time to say hi because we love seeing our students go on to succeed. We want Paragon to be the place you share memories with, you grew from and most importantly a place that you consider a second home. If you are looking for your ‘home away from home’ then you have come to the right place.