Accelerated Commercial Pilot Training Georgia

Paragon Flight’s accelerated commercial pilot training in LaGrange, Georgia, provides FAA-authorized courses of training, including the P3 Professional Pilot Program. We will guide you toward your goals with award-winning, student-driven flight training.

Accelerated Commercial Pilot Training GeorgiaWith three locations and a streamlined process of flight training, Paragon Flight is one of the country’s best flight schools. Students identify their goals and circumstances, and we build programs to suit them individually. Learn from pros with real-life experiences using world-class curriculum, in the best training aircraft available here at Paragon Flight.

Paragon Flight – LaGrange, GA

One of the most significant benefits that we offer is our location. Here at our LaGrange, GA, location, we’re situated among the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Columbus, Montgomery, and Birmingham. The LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) we call home has several features that promote successful flight training:

  • Two asphalt-paved, lighted runways – one 6,499’ long with three types of approaches and the other 5,000’ long.
  • Newly renovated facilities with a host of amenities for pilots
  • Outside Atlanta’s Class B airspace for no ATC delays or congestion
  • 300+ days of clear, VFR-suited conditions.

Paragon Flight’s training employs the newest, most modern, and most reliable aircraft for all types of flight instruction. We use solely Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), which have the best avionics equipment. The fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • Piper PA28 “Pilot” – single-engine flight training
  • PA-44 Seminole – multi-engine flight training
  • Cirrus SR20 – primary instruction, high-performance endorsements, transition and differences training, and single-day/multi-day rentals
  • ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator – extremely realistic simulation for practical training.

When you learn to fly with us, the experience will be sufficient to surpass your expectations and goals. For a faster and more cost-effective route to becoming a commercially licensed pilot, consider the P3 Professional Pilot Program.

Paragon Flight’s P3 Professional Pilot Program

This program prioritizes quality of training over quantity, appropriate financial assistance, and professional leadership development. The 38-week course consists of the following four phases:

PHASE ONE – Private Pilot License (PPL) – foundational stage considered the most important since it provides a basic understanding of aviation and pilot best practices

PHASE TWO – Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – phase focused on learning to operate navigation and communication systems within aircraft, skills that are used frequently by commercial pilots

PHASE THREE – Commercial License, Single-Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL and CMEL) – training for pilots to operate at mastery level professionally, per the cockpit and procedures, for single-engine and multi-engine aircraft

PHASE FOUR – Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – the final phase of the program provides newly licensed commercial pilots with a lucrative and beneficial entry point into the career. As a flight instructor, professional pilots can do what they love, earn a good wage, accrue flight hours, and share their passion.

The intensity of the full-time accelerated P3 Program demands a certain type of participant. Successful candidates will meet all of the following prerequisites:

  • 18 years old, minimum
  • High school graduate or GED equivalency (college preferred)
  • References – one professional and one personal
  • Clean driving record
  • Clean FAA record
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Passed cognitive and behavioral evaluation
  • FAA First-Class Medical Certificate
  • Fluent and literate in the English language
  • Full-time availability for participation in 4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training weekly
  • Strong work ethic and drive.

Click here or call (706) 903-9337 to speak with the team at Paragon Flight in LaGrange, Georgia, to participate in accelerated commercial pilot training or any other program of instruction.