Accelerated Flight Training Programs

If you have the work ethic, ambition, and availability required to participate in accelerated flight training programs, contact Paragon Flight and register for the P3 Professional Pilot Program to complete all of the training needed to work professionally as a flight instructor in fewer than ten months, a process that would typically take well over two years.

Accelerated Flight Training ProgramsParagon Flight operates as a Part 141 and Part 61 regulated flight school. We offer standard and accelerated programs, class-based and one-on-one, with a best-fit flight instructor promise. Our efforts to secure appropriate flight training for every student mean we customize each student’s journey.

We also provide three different flight school locations for greater service and convenience. Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL; Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda, FL; and LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) in LaGrange, GA, host Paragon Flight facilities, where we provide modern facilities, congestion-free skies, appropriate runways, and ready-for-takeoff weather conditions season after season.

The flight-friendly climate and flight school settings make our home base cities popular among pilots, so we have a highly qualified pool of applicants from which we staff our schools. A Paragon Flight student pilot should always feel as though they have the ideal flight instructor, and if the pairing is a misstep, we will correct it. Our flight instructor pool includes Certified Flight Instructors (CFI/CFII/MEI) ready to provide single-engine, instrument rating, and multi-engine flight training.

The programs available at Paragon Flight are comprehensive and precise.

Personal Pilot Training

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Multi-Engine License (MEL)
  • Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training
  • Glass Cockpit Training

Commercial Pilot Training

  • Commercial Pilot License, Single Engine (CSEL)
  • Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine (CMEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification

Military and Government Training

  • Initial Flight Orientation (IFO)
  • Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT)
  • Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training
  • Aircraft Transition and Differences Training

One of the programs that we offer with an accelerated nature is the P3 Professional Pilot Program. This course is meant to produce capable, airline-bound professional pilots fast, skillfully, and affordably. We prioritize the quality of the training over quantity, the development of leadership skills, and assistance with securing appropriate financing.

The P3 Program is a four-phase course, with each phase culminating in evaluations to secure specific credentials.

  • Phase One – 0-10 Weeks – Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Phase Two – 11-18 Weeks – Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Phase Three – 19-30 Weeks – Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL/CMEL)
  • Phase Four – 31-38 Weeks – Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

The accelerated nature of the course demands that we require uniquely qualified candidates with the following prerequisites:

  • Age – 18 years old, minimum
  • Education – high school diploma or GED
  • References – one professional + one personal
  • Driving record – clean
  • Criminal background – clean
  • Behavioral and cognitive evaluation – passed
  • FAA record – clean
  • FAA Medical – 1st Class
  • Language – English fluency and literacy at a proficient level
  • Availability – full-time (4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training weekly)
  • Qualities – drive, ambition, work ethic.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the P3 Professional Pilot Program or any of the other accelerated flight training programs at Paragon Flight. We offer an ideal setting for flight training with appropriate curriculum, aircraft, and instructors.