Accelerated Private Pilot Training

Paragon Flight offers accelerated private pilot training and various other aviation instruction. Our location, instructors, equipment, and curriculum are conducive to effective and fun flight training experiences.

Accelerated Private Pilot TrainingSince 2006, Paragon Flight has provided stellar flight training. Initially, our sole location was Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, but we now have two additional locations: Punta Gorda Airport in Punta Gorda, FL, and LaGrange-Callaway Airport in LaGrange, GA. All of our locations enjoy ideal weather conditions for flight training, with over 300 days of ideal conditions for takeoff and landing.

Obtain Your Private Pilot License (PPL)

A Private Pilot License (PPL) is the foundational credential for all pilots, regardless of the direction their goals may lead them. We break private pilot training into stages to master every vital element before training continues.

Starting Point – Discovery Flight + On-Boarding Meeting

The Discovery Flight is a pared-down version of an entire flight lesson meant to give you a taste of the experience. You can also take a flight and potentially control the aircraft.

After the Discovery Flight, we’ll discuss your availability, goals, and finances. At this point, we’ll curate a plan of action for your training and identify your main flight instructor.

Stage 1: Fundamentals of Flight Training

The first stage of training is the most substantial in terms of importance and duration. You’ll log between 20 and 30 hours in the sky during this stage. We’ll provide you with an introduction to flight during this fundamental stage. You’ll learn the lingo, flight principles, policies and procedures of airports and airspace, radio/communications, weather impacts, FAA rules and regulations, checklist application, and flight maneuvers. This stage will culminate with a “Stage Check” to ensure you’re ready to proceed to the next phase of private pilot training.

Stage 2: Advanced / Solo Flight Training

This phase of flight training will promote your continued development of flight skills like landings and cross-country navigation. You’ll spend 10-15 hours in the air preparing for your next two solo cross-country flights and your supervised night cross-country flight. This phase culminates with another “Stage Check” and cross-country flights on your own.

Stage 3: Examination and Testing

The last training phase will button up all training elements and smooth out your rough edges. You’ll spend 10-15 hours in the air and focus on preparing for the FAA-mandated and administered verbal and practical flight evaluations.

Before you sit for your FAA exams, we’ll have you sit for a final exam with us called the End of Course (EOC) flight. This will closely imitate the FAA-administered test so that you can be sure and confident in your readiness. After passing the FAA exams, you will have your Private Pilot License (PPL).

If you choose to continue with flight training, choose Paragon Flight. Our programs include personal, professional, and military/government flight training.

Click here or call our Fort Myers location at (239) 747-0056 to discuss beginning an accelerated private pilot training program with Paragon Flight. You can also contact our Punta Gorda or LaGrange locations at  (941) 900-3131 or (706) 903-9337, respectively.