Best Flight Training Schools In Georgia

Aviation can take many forms. Your dreams of becoming a pilot can be geared totally toward having fun or traveling with family and friends, or those ambitions can take a more serious outlook toward commercial purposes. Even commercial pilots have a wide range of opportunities within the industry. Paragon Flight provides all of our flight training out of Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida, outshining all of the best flight schools in Georgia or the rest of the South.

Best Flight Training Schools In GeorgiaRegardless of experience level, student-pilots who come to Paragon Flight will find training that will surpass their expectations. We start by creating an individualized program of study to help students meet their goals, and we’re able to build courses that work with the pilot candidates’ lifestyles, goals, and schedule.

The instructor providing your training at Paragon Flight will be one of distinction. Our entire instructor pool includes experienced airline pilots and others who have operated in varied regions, aircraft, and functions in the aviation field. We offer one-on-one instruction for as long as you need it in order to be comfortable as a pilot.

The environment wherein you receive your training will be ideal for learning to fly. Whether it’s your first few flight hours or the 1,500 hours required to become an airline pilot, you won’t have inclement weather preventing you from documenting them. Over 350 days of the year here in Fort Myers are marked by sunny, clear skies.

The fleet that we house will also promote your opportunities to get in the sky at every opportunity. Paragon Flight’s aircraft fleet is wholly Technically Advanced. We provide the industry standard for training in the field of sport flight, single-engine flight, and multi-engine flight. Rely on us to provide safe, predictable aircraft kept up well according to FAA standards.

As we provide the best flight instructors, the best weather, and the best fleet, we also employ the best curriculum. The Jeppesen curriculum, developed by the Boeing subsidiary, Jeppesen, produces pilots 30% faster than the national average, and it includes all of the hard copy and software resources needed for comprehensive training. Few schools are chosen to use this program, and we’re incredibly proud to be one.

The programs that we offer at Paragon Flight are fairly diverse. We provide private pilot licensing training and commercial pilot licensing training for both single-engine and twin-engine aircraft. In addition, we offer programs to earn an Instrument Flight Rating, multi-engine add-on rating, or flight instructor certification (CFI, CFII, or CFMEI).

The military and government also turn to Paragon Flight for help training their pilots. Specific programs we offer include Initial Flight Orientation (IFO), Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT), Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training, and Aircraft Transition and Differences Training.

Paragon Flight is a FAR Part 141 flight school, so we are able to welcome vets with GI benefits and international students. To participate in our programs from another country, you’ll need an M-1 Student Visa, and we’ll provide the I-20 form that you’ll need.

Are you ready to drive south from Georgia to attend the best of the best flight training schools in Florida, Paragon Flight? Give us a call at (239) 747-0056 or follow this link to contact us online. We’d love to schedule a meeting to discuss your experience level, ambitions, life situation, and design a plan from there!