Best Rotor Transition Program

If you are a military or civilian helicopter pilot who is interested in becoming an airline pilot, Paragon Flight offers the best Rotor Transition Program to help build upon your existing foundation of ability and experience!

The flight training program at Paragon Flight is FAA-approved FAR Part 141 and FAA-approved FAR Part 61. Since 2006, we have provided quality flight instruction. When you choose us to help facilitate your career transition, you’ll have quality instructors, curriculum, aircraft, and weather. We meet pilots where they are and, as a licensed military or civilian helicopter pilot, you are pretty far along in the process of becoming an airline pilot.

Best Rotor Transition ProgramOur Rotor Transition Program offers the flexibility you need to engineer a smooth change from piloting a military or civilian helicopter to piloting a plane for an airline. Paragon Flight will help you earn your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification.

Learning about aerodynamics, navigation, and the language of flying are all key to developing a career in aviation. If you’re a military or civilian helicopter pilot, you already have a thorough understanding of these elements. Broadening this foundation to include fixed-wing aircraft is easier and faster than you might imagine.

Training will require:

  • Military helicopter pilots – 750 hours of total flight time, or Civilian helicopter pilots – 1,500 total flight hours
  • Cross country hours – 200
  • Night flight hours – 100
  • Instrument hours – 75
  • Multi-engine hours – 25
  • Fixed-wing Pilot in Command (PIC) hours – 250 (minimum of 100 cross country and 25 at night)
  • Night landings – 25

There has never been a more efficient manner of switching from helicopter pilot to airline pilot. If you are 21 years old and a graduate of a military flight school with at least 500 hours of flight time, give us a call. Civilian helicopter pilots with 1,250 total hours, 100 of cross-country hours, 75 at night, and 75 of instrument time are also free to call. It’s likely you will qualify to enter our program.

Paragon Flight provides an excellent space for your continuing education. Since most of your training will be spent in the sky rather than the classroom, the brilliant, consistently clear weather is key to a fast track finish. Our proximity to regional airports is another factor that will speed up your plan to become an ATP Certified pilot.

Financing your career plans won’t be difficult if you choose Paragon Flight. Not only do we accept veterans’ benefits through the Montgomery GI bill and the Post-9/11 GI bill, we also collaborate with We Florida Financials’ We Fly program to make financing available.

Other benefits to choosing Paragon Flight include the technologically advanced aircraft we use for training. Each has glass cockpit technology to prepare you for modern aviation. The aircraft we employ include: the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Cessna Stationair C206H, the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, and the Piper PA-44 Seminole. Safe and modern, our aircraft are perfect for your transitional training.

Calling all rotor pilots who are ready to transition into an airline pilot’s position! Paragon Flight provides the best Rotor Transition Program around. We recognize the extraordinary value of military and civilian rotor pilots as potential airline pilots. Give us a call to discuss your existing experience and the remaining requirements of the program. We can help you work out a timetable and cost estimate: (239) 274-3170!