Certified Flight Instructor Training Orlando, FL

Sharing your passion for aviation is a rewarding and beneficial pursuit! With training to become a certified flight instructor from Paragon Flight near Orlando, FL, you can share your skills, hone your craft, advance your career, and earn a check while doing what you love.

How to Become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Certified Flight Instructor Training Orlando, FLStep 1 – Earn a Private Pilot License (PPL) from Paragon Flight.

Step 2 – Supplement your pilot license with an Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) to extend your flight privileges into more hazardous conditions.

Step 3 – Earn a Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Step 4 – Earn a Flight Instructor Certificate

  • This step will require that your pilot licenses parallel the type of instruction you wish to provide.
  • Secure a logbook endorsement.
  • Clear written knowledge test for flight instruction.
  • Clear checkride for flight instruction.
  • Demonstrate ability to train regarding spin entry, spins, and spin recovery.
  • Document at least 15 hours as PIC.

Step 5 – Work as a Certified Flight Instructor

  • Keep appropriate records of training provided and limit training provided to 8-hours per 24-hour period.

Three types of Certified Flight Instructors exist. Flight instructors must be credentialed for the particular type of training they offer. At Paragon Flight, pilots can earn their CFI credentials to teach single-engine flight, CFII to teach instrument flight, and CFMEI to train pilots in multi-engine aircraft. Of course, you can mix and match these credentials to teach all comers.

Perfect Job for Aviation Lovers

If you love flight, serving as a Certified Flight Instructor will allow you to do what you love every day. There’s no better place to earn the distinction of being a flight instructor than Paragon Flight.

Paragon Flight offers plenty of opportunities to log time in the air, and once you have your Flight Instructor Certificate, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to teach. More than 350 days of the year are ideal in terms of weather for takeoff, and Page Field, where we call home, is near several practice airfields for students to spend as much time in the air as they choose.

FAR approvals Part 61 and 141 govern the operations of Paragon Flight. Part 61 programs can be modified to suit the pacing and scheduling needs of the pilot, and Part 141 programs stick to a strict curriculum and timeline. We can help all pilots follow their dreams on their own terms with dual authorizations.

If you need more reason to choose Paragon Flight, be aware of the excellence of the flight school’s components. The Jeppesen curriculum that we use comes from a daughter company of the Boeing Company, and the flight instructors are some of the best in the world! We offer the standard equipment for training, outfitted with advanced technology and kept in the very best condition.

Reasons to Become a Certified Flight Instructor

Training for flight instructor certification provides the skills needed to help pilot candidates succeed. While this certification allows you to share your passion with student pilots, it also allows you, as an individual, to improve your abilities and log flight hours in pursuit of more advanced positions.

The Certified Flight Instructor Training at Paragon Flight near Orlando, Florida, will amplify your skills and career as an aviator. We will meet your ambitions, schedule, lifestyle, and existing credentials with a personalized instruction program. Call (239) 747-0056 to schedule a consultation with our Chief Flight Instructor to arrange your custom training program.