Commercial Airline Pilot Flight School

Paragon Flight serves as a commercial airline pilot flight school, being FAA-approved according to FAR Part 141 and Part 61. Since 2006, we have provided high-quality flight instruction to future pilots from all over the world.

Located in Fort Myers, FL, our experienced instructors, advanced aircraft, and premiere training systems draw flight enthusiasts from places far and wide. If you’re interested in pursuing the pilot career path, allow the expert crew here at Paragon Flight to help you meet your goals as quickly and affordably as possible.

Commercial Airline Pilot Flight SchoolThe core mission of the Paragon Flight program supports putting pilot needs first. We value providing a personalized program to meet the needs of prospective pilots by developing an individualized program that addresses each student’s plans, experience, and schedule.

Paragon Flight provides either a Part 141 rigid, standard curriculum or a FAR Part 61 customizable training program. In some cases, pilots will pursue both programs. Here at Paragon Flight, hopeful pilots will find the flexibility they need to work around any schedule or experience level. We do our best to help you achieve your particular goals with your budget and schedule in mind.

Pursuing a Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

In order to make a living as a pilot, one must earn a FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, otherwise called the Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Earning this license requires that a person be 18 years of age and be able to communicate fluently in written and spoken English. Before securing a Commercial Pilot License, you’ll need a current Private Pilot License and a valid 2nd class medical certificate.

If you have no previous flying experience, you’ll first need to secure your Private Pilot License. Those who currently hold a PPL can pursue the following licenses and ratings here at Paragon Flight to earn a commercial pilot license:

  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial License for Single Engine and/or Multi-Engine Aircraft
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instruments (CFI-I)

Your training will consist of ground training courses and simulator training. You will learn the rules of aerodynamics, meteorology, safe aircraft operations, and proper reporting procedures.

The hours of flight time for this license may vary between 125-250 hours, depending on your starting point. We provide training in all sorts of conditions as well as the opportunity to build hours and meet all requirements to earn your Commercial Pilot License. You will be trained in flying across country, during night and day hours, and as a solo pilot.

Ready to Get Started?

The lovely weather here in Southwest Florida allows for over 350 days of ideal weather. Between the weather and our technically advanced aircraft, you’ll have no delays as you pursue your commercial license!

The aircraft we use include the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Cessna Stationair C206H, the Cirrus SR20 and SR22, and the Piper PA-44 Seminole. Each aircraft is classified as technically advanced and outfitted with Garmin avionics for training in Glass Cockpit.

To pursue your goal of being an airline pilot, choose Paragon Flight as the school that can provide the best preparation via the best instructors, aircraft, and curriculum!

If you’re ready to pursue your dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot, call Paragon Flight today at (239) 274-3170. Make an appointment to consult with our Chief Flight Instructor to prepare an individualized training plan.