Commercial Airline Pilot School Requirements

Airline pilots enjoy the prestige of the role, the thrill of flight, and the experience of traveling to different places and cultures. The requirements to become a commercial airline pilot can be met at Paragon Flight, an aviation school with beautiful weather, advanced aircraft, experienced instructors, and expert-level curriculum.

The Choice Flight School

Commercial Airline Pilot School RequirementsFrom all over the globe, student-pilots come to Paragon Flight for the excellent training experience. We cover all of the essentials, plus. The primary benefit we offer is something we don’t work for, our location. We call Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, home. Here, we enjoy 350 days of terrific flight conditions every single year, access to a tower-controlled airfield, plenty of additional practice airfields, and nearby accommodations for all preferences and budgets.

A side benefit to having operations in Florida is the pool of instructors from which we can choose. A Certified Flight Instructor that we hire is chosen from a pool of the absolute best. Flight instructors flock to Florida for the outstanding flight conditions and opportunities to fly, and we take advantage of the abundance in order to provide our students with stellar training opportunities from pilots with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and personalities.

The Jeppesen curriculum used by Paragon Flight has been proven to produce certified pilots 30% faster than the national average. This spectacular curriculum was produced by a subsidiary of aviation specialists Boeing.

Paragon Flight’s fleet of aircraft is wholly Technically Advanced and well-suited for the programs and training on offer. We house the ideal planes for single-engine, multi-engine, and sport training in addition to one of the best simulators on the market.

The reputation of Paragon Flight is one of quality, and we strive to earn it daily. In fact, the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, has honored us repeatedly over the years with accolades for the quality of the flight training experience we provide.

An Appropriate Flight Training Experience via Dual Authorizations

Flight schools within the United States operate under the guidance of the FAA as defined in Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141. While most flight schools have authority from one Part or the other, Paragon Flight operates with both authorizations. These authorities allow us to meet all students where they are and provide the most appropriate flight training.

This fact means that full-time students with financial aid benefits, GI bill funds, and international student-pilots are welcome to Paragon Flight by way of our Part 141 program. The Part 61 program, on the other hand, allows student-pilots with limited time availability due to work, family, and other obligations to pursue their dreams while they can.

Start Where You Are

At Paragon Flight, we will formulate your individualized training program from the very beginning. We’ll base it on your availability, goals, and prior experiences and training. Complete newbies will begin with a private pilot license, followed by a commercial pilot license in order to collect payment for flying. The rest of the training will include an Instrument Flight Rating, a Multi-Engine Rating, Certified Flight Instructor license (optional), Airline Transport Pilot, and 1,500 hours. We’re the perfect source to complete it all – faster, cheaper, with no loss of quality.

Meet all the requirements for becoming a commercial airline pilot here at Paragon Flight, the ultimate flight school to meet all students with ideal training. Schedule your consultation today by calling (239) 747-0056.