Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On Endorsement

Paragon Flight’s award-winning flight training out of Fort Myers, FL, includes a commercial multi-engine add-on endorsement for pilots who desire stable airline pilot positions or simply greater power in the aircraft they fly.

The Freedom of a Multi-Engine Rating

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-On EndorsementWith a multi-engine rating, pilots can command planes that fly farther and at greater speeds. Imagine the fun and practicality of an aircraft that can do more, faster, and you’ll understand the motivation for pursuing a multi-engine endorsement. Since pilots must have this rating to become airline pilots, career-minded pilots should view this step as another rung on the ladder of career achievement.

The Awards We’ve Won

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, AOPA for short, is a premiere organization committed to bettering the experience of pilots and pilot training throughout the nation. We’re proud at Paragon Flight to have been recognized by this group repeatedly over the years as one of the best flight schools in the entire country, and we plan to continue living up to this standard.

Make Time Work for You

The multi-engine add-on rating is an endorsement that we offer under FAR Part 61 governance. While we’re also authorized under FAR Part 141, this guidance is much stricter and requires a full-time focus that stays directly on-track with the curriculum. Because we use the Part 61 guidance to govern our multi-engine add-on program, pilots can complete the training in one week.

We offer a 13-hour flat rate course as well as a 15-hour course for those who feel they need a bit more practical time in the air. The standard program includes 5 hours of instructional time, 11.5 hours in the air, and a 1.5-hour checkride. The checkride at the end of the course is the measurement by which you prove your knowledge and ability as a multi-engine pilot. This measurement has no written component, but you will prove yourself in the air and verbally to an FAA-authorized evaluator.

Safe Study Makes a Safe Pilot

Our program is thorough and safe. The course will cover all scenarios that you might experience, focusing especially on all phases of flight in single-engine circumstances. The Certified Flight Instructors and aircraft used are the best in the industry. Our reputation comes from consistency, and we strive to maintain an incredible level of quality.

Qualifying Factors for Participation in the Multi-Engine Rating Program:

  • An existing private or commercial pilot’s certificate
  • Documentation of US citizenship or TSA-authorization for foreign pilots
  • Current FAA medical

Highlights Concerning Paragon Flight

  • Authorized by the FAA under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141
  • Training employs a Piper PA-44 Seminole categorized as a Technically Advanced Aircraft complete with Glass Cockpit tech
  • CFIs, Certified Flight Instructors, are experienced and well-trained
  • Operated out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, proximal to nearby cities, practice areas, and tourist attractions to keep the family busy
  • Area experiences more than 300 days of clear-for-takeoff weather each year

Go after your dreams of having pilot wings and stepping aboard an airline jet as PIC (Pilot-in-Command). Paragon Flight offers an avenue to earn a commercial multi-engine add-on endorsement in one short week. For information about financing, scheduling a Discovery Flight, or arranging to complete any of our other programs, use our website forms or give us a call at (239)274-3170.