Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Florida

Take flight in the beautiful climate of Florida as you pursue your commercial multi-engine add-on. Paragon Flight offers flight training that is comprehensive and second to none, and the weather provides the ideal weather for logging flight time over 350 days of the year.

We Make Dreams Become Reality

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on FloridaYou can spend your life dreaming of being a pilot, or you can take practical steps to become one. Paragon Flight makes it simple for anyone to pursue his or her passion. We offer the best flight instructors, appropriate and safe aircraft, and the outstanding standard Jeppesen curriculum. If you plan to fly a jet airliner in the future, get started here.

The Part 61 and Part 141 Advantage

Being authorized by the FAA under FAR, or Federal Aviation Regulations, Parts 61 and 141 is highly advantageous. We’re able to provide flexible options for the working person, or Part 141 rigid and formulaic instruction for those who require full-time training. Whether this choice is based upon your schedule, financing, or learning style, we’ll help make your cockpit ambitions become reality.

What to Expect from Flight Training

Learning to fly requires a broad base of knowledge and ability. The program includes ground and flight training and is thorough. When complete, the program will prepare you well for the checkrides required for your credentials.

The Jessesen curriculum drives the training of our student-pilots. The lessons will focus on why and how flight works. From weather to aerodynamics, technology, lingo, flight plans, and regulations, every aspect of flight instruction that you need will be covered.

The practical portion of the instruction will consist of every scenario that might occur including takeoffs, landings, night flights, and cross country flights. You won’t just feel prepared; you will be prepared at the end of your program. We offer as much one-on-one instruction as required for success.

With multi-engine training, you’ll need to be especially focused. If one engine fails, flying with the one remaining engine is a skill that you must learn, so you’ll run through, and perfect, all potential one-engine scenarios.

Training for a Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-engine flight training at Paragon Flight takes place in the standard for twin-engine flight training, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. Our aircraft are outfitted with the Glass Cockpit technology, have an all-metal construction, and are the safest and most predictable aircraft for multi-engine training. We also supply a simulator for practice on the ground.

Additional Training with Paragon Flight

Student-pilots at Paragon Flight can earn a range of avionic credentials. We provide training for single-engine private and commercial licenses, airline transport pilot licenses, instrument rating, and Certified Flight Instructor credentials.

We welcome you to schedule with our Chief Flight Instructor for a consultation in order to discuss your situation and customize a plan to help you reach your goals.

No matter what stage of life you find yourself experiencing, Paragon Flight provides a program. Finances and scheduling shouldn’t stand in your way. Our programs are affordable, and our financial consultants are available to help devise a plan for payment whether you choose savings, loans, or another financial resource.

If you’re ready to become a commercial pilot with a multi-engine add-on rating, come to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida. We offer unique, customized, and high-quality flight instruction.