Commercial Pilot School Maine

Whether your career ambitions leave you in Maine working as a pilot or traveling the globe as an airline pilot, travel to Florida’s own Paragon Flight for the requisite commercial pilot school. We assure you of successful ventures and a joyful experience learning to fly.

Why Choose Paragon Flight

Commercial Pilot School MaineA well-known flight school, Paragon Flight turns out safe and thoroughly prepared pilots year after year. From stellar Technically Advanced Aircraft and curriculum to lovely weather the vast majority of the year, all possible influences of the quality of our training are maintained at the ultimate level.

Our reputation stems from more than word of mouth. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) serves as the trusted source for information regarding aviation training, and we’ve been on the receiving end of their honors numerous times in our history. Those same standards that led to our reputation and awards are the guiding posts of our efforts on a daily basis.

When you come to Paragon Flight, your training will follow a custom approach all your own. Call today for a pre assessment, and we will consider your present level of preparation, future goals, budget, and schedule to design the best route for you as an individual. Because we’re authorized under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141, Paragon Flight is able to provide the potential for modifications under Part 61 as well as the structure of Part 141 programs.

The maximization of flight opportunities is perhaps the most important reason to choose Paragon Flight, and it’s one benefit that’s entirely out of our control. Mother Nature herself blesses us with 350+ days each year of weather that allows our student-pilots safe practice in the air.

We operate in Fort Myers, Florida out of Page Field, the general hub of air travel for the region. This airport provides a tower-controlled airport and is close to many practice fields and larger cities for attractions and accommodations that will appeal to your budget, preferences, and companions.

Flight School Expenses

The amount that you’ll spend for your aviation education will depend on how far you plan to go on the ladder and where you happen to begin. This area is one where we will break down each singular expense when we meet for an initial meeting to design your plan. Be aware that a low-ball estimate from a flight school should be a red flag; quality instruction does have significant overhead.

Consider the training aircraft in our fleet. We house all of the appropriate aircraft for the programs that we offer – including single-engine aircraft, multi-engine planes, and sporting aircraft. Each of our planes is Technically Advanced with Glass Cockpit technology and advanced avionics. You’ll be disappointed with cheap flight schools where you’re forced to go elsewhere for actual practical training.

You can also count on the Jeppesen Curriculum that we employ. It was developed by a Boeing subsidiary and is proven to work 30% faster than the national average. During your ground training, you will develop a foundation for flight knowledge and be completely prepared for the written measurements required by the FAA.

The assortment of positions for a commercial pilot in Maine is abundant and consistent, and we at Paragon Flight offer an efficient and effective flight school to have you in the cockpit and on the payroll quickly and affordably.