Commercial Pilot School San Antonio, Texas

Make every work day one of adventure and fun by becoming a commercial pilot, but don’t waste time at a flight school in San Antonio, Texas. Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, offers customized programs, including the P3 Professional Pilot Program, which is less expensive and time-consuming than competing programs.

Commercial Pilot School San Antonio, TexasWe’re widely recognized as a top choice among the nation’s flight schools, repeatedly honored by the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association for the quality of our training and trainers. If traveling to attend flight school seems overly demanding, consider the advantages Paragon Flight offers – in terms of location and program elements. Coming to Paragon Flight is an investment in yourself and a smart financial and planning choice.

Why Florida?

Flight training in Florida offers several advantages that other locations can’t. The weather is beyond our control, but we take advantage of it! Year-round perfect weather for flight training makes it possible for our student pilots to acquire the practical hours they need quickly. The skies are clear and sunny over 350 days every year. From these sunny skies, pilots get to view the majesty of coastal scenery, the beauty of the Everglades, and major commercial attractions like Disney World.

Our location in Florida is also ideal for flight training. We operate out of Page Field (FMY), the center of flight travel in Southwest Florida. With a tower-controlled runway and several practice airfields, we’re ideally positioned for pilot practice.

Why Paragon Flight?

Paragon Flight leverages perfect positioning by hiring from among the world’s most expansive, skilled pool of flight instructor applicants. The curriculum we use is even the best, designed by Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary. We provide the most suitable aircraft for the programs that we offer as well – all equipped with Glass Cockpit and advanced avionics technologies. 

We’re authorized by the FAA to operate under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141, so we can provide full-time and part-time training courses, rigidly designed or with flexibility. One of our newest programs is the P3 Professional Pilot Program, which costs less money and requires less time to achieve commercial licensing with flight instructor certification.

Why the P3 Professional Pilot Program?

In light of the strong demand for pilots and the impressive increase in salary for pilot positions, Paragon Flight has designed a program to help pilots complete their training faster and cheaper. We do so by prioritizing quality training, assisting students secure financial resources, and guiding them toward developing leadership skills.

Timeline of the P3 Program:

  • 0-10 Weeks, Private Pilot License (PPL) – foundational training
  • 18 Weeks, Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – communication and navigation training
  • 30 Weeks, Commercial License, Single Engine & Multi-Engine (CSEL & CMEL) – procedural, skill mastery training
  • 38 Weeks, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) – instructional method training

Qualifications for Participation:

  • 18 years old
  • High school graduate or GED recipient
  • Two character references – one personal, one professional
  • Clean MVR (Motor Vehicle Record)
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Pass a cognitive and behavioral screening
  • Clean FAA record
  • 1st Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • Fluent and literate in the English language
  • Full-time availability (4-5 flight training and 10-20 hours ground training/week)
  • Strong moral character, ambition, and work ethic

Come to Paragon Flight’s commercial pilot school in Fort Myers, FL, whether you have to travel from San Antonio, Texas, or elsewhere. Reach out by calling (239) 274-3170 or following this link to learn more.