Commercial Pilot School Venice, Florida

Reach out to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers or Punta Gorda to become a commercial pilot at a top aviation school near Venice, Florida. The flight training we offer is able to help you become a safe and skilled pilot, ready to work within the aviation sphere. Invest in your training for future professional success. 

Commercial Pilot School Venice, FloridaParagon Flight has earned our place as one of the foremost FAA-authorized Part 141 and part 61 flight schools in the United States. Over the years, the quality of our training hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we’ve been honored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) many times.

The Florida Difference

Learning to fly in Florida has a variety of benefits, starting with the sheer beauty of the natural scenery from the cockpit. The sights can’t be replicated at any other location. Florida flight training also offers perfect flight conditions all year long and a veritable treasure trove of experienced and skilled flight instructors.

With more than 350 days of the year with perfect conditions for flight, our students and experienced pilots appreciate the flight opportunities that Florida flight training provides.

Build Your Training Program

Reach out to Paragon Flight’s Fort Myers location at (239) 747-0056 or our Punta Gorda location at (941) 336-7494 to custom design the perfect training program for you. We have the flexibility to cater to student-pilots with part-time and full-time availability. 

The P3 Professional Pilot Program is ideal for students with full-time availability, professional aspirations, and a strong work ethic.

Introducing the P3 Professional Pilot Program

In fewer than 10 months, the P3 Program can take you from zero experience to commercially licensed pilot with flight instructor certification.


  • 0-10 weeks, PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE (PPL) – foundational phase that provides good habits and best practices for all future training
  • 11-18 weeks, INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RATING (IFR) – essential for commercial pilots, enables pilots to utilize communication and navigation systems during flight
  • 19-30 weeks, COMMERCIAL LICENSE, SINGLE ENGINE & MULTI ENGINE (CSEL & CMEL) – develop mastery of all skills required of professional pilots of single-engine and multi-engine aircraft
  • 31-38 weeks, CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (CFI) – this final phase offers an entry point into the world of commercial aviation and allows pilots to accumulate flight hours, develop their skills, and earn a living.


  • 18 years old
  • High school graduate or GED recipient (some college preferred)
  • One professional character reference
  • One personal character reference
  • Clean driving record (MVR)
  • Clean criminal background check
  • Passed behavioral and cognitive evaluation
  • Clean FAA record (no incidents, accidents, or enforcement actions)
  • FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Fluent and literate in the English language
  • Full-time availability for participation in 4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground training weekly
  • Strong work ethic, integrity, and drive.

Financing Your Aspirations

If you want to become a professional pilot but can’t afford training, we understand your hesitation. You may not realize the various financial resources that are available to you. Our team has the knowledge and experience required to help you identify and secure the best financing package for your situation. From student loans to grants, GI funds, aviation scholarships, and personal lending, resources exist to finance your dreams, and we’re here to help you navigate the process.

Paragon Flight near Venice, Florida, provides the type of flight school needed to help you turn into a commercial pilot. Click here to learn more about any of our programs.