Flight Lessons Englewood, FL

Flight lessons at Paragon Flight in Punta Gorda, near Englewood, FL, promise excitement and fun while opening up a world of opportunity – personally or professionally. Let’s review a few critical things to consider about flying lessons and why Paragon Flight deserves to be the provider.

Flying Lessons FYI

Flight Lessons Englewood, FLFAA Accreditation – The flight school you choose needs to be FAA accredited, and you’ll have to meet the requirements for participation in flight lessons. Paragon Flight is an accredited flight school, and we operate under FAR Parts 61 and 141. These regulations allow us to offer part-time and full-time courses, flexible and structured courses, prescribed and customized programs of training.

Ground Flight Instruction – The training that you receive occurs on the ground and in the air. On the ground, you’ll learn about aircraft systems, aerodynamics, weather, FAA rules and regulations, and every other aspect that affects flight.

Practical Flight Instruction – In the sky, flight lessons will prepare you for normal and emergency situations at all stages of flight. The program you pursue will have a specified number of hours you’ll have to spend participating in practical flight training.

FAA Evaluations and Checkrides – The culmination of your training program will be the FAA measurements required for the license or endorsement you’re seeking. These examinations will be administered by an FAA evaluator.

The Progressive Nature of Aviation Education – One pilot credential leads to another. Whether you’re content to remain a private pilot, flying for fun and travel, or plan to work as a professional airline captain, Paragon Flight can provide the training you’ll need.

Begin with a Discovery Flight – Dip your toe into the world of flight lessons with a mini lesson that includes time in the sky and at the controls. This lesson will count toward your flight hours if you choose to continue with training after this introductory experience.

Paragon Flight FYI

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), as the foremost advocacy group for aviation in the US, honors the best training schools and instructors every year. This recognition matters in the world of aviation, and Paragon Flight is proud to have earned it several times over the years. We strive to provide consistently excellent flight training for every student we train.

Located in Southwest Florida, with a location in Punta Gorda and another in Fort Myers, we can offer convenient flight training without obstacles to flight time. The weather here is lovely 350 days of the year, so you won’t be grounded and unable to develop practical skills. This area’s coastal beauty is magnificent from the cockpit, and accommodations and attractions are plentiful.

The modern facilities, tower-controlled runways, practice airfields, Technically Advanced and diverse fleet of aircraft, stellar instructors, and Jeppesen curriculum make Paragon Flight the school of choice for any pilot hopeful, no matter his or her current status or aviation plans.

For too many aspiring pilots finances stand in the way of training. If this issue is one that you face, reach out to our team. We’re familiar with various financial resources, including student loans, grants, VA benefits, personal loans, and more. We can help identify the most appropriate financing, apply for it, and secure a package that works for you.

For flight lessons near Englewood, FL, look no further than Paragon Flight in Punta Gorda. You bring the ambition, and we’ll provide the training. Learn more by calling our team at (941) 336-7494.