Flight Lessons In Venice, Florida

Considering flight lessons in Venice, Florida? Paragon Flight provides FAA- authorized and regulated instruction under FAR Parts 61 and 141. Stop dreaming, and start planning to become a private or commercial pilot. We provide the instructors, equipment, facilities, and curriculum; all you’ll need to bring is willingness and drive.

Flight Lessons In Venice, FloridaParagon Flight’s flight training includes all of the attributes needed for success, and we’ve proven those skills year-after-year since our founding in 2006. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has repeatedly recognized the excellence of our instruction.

Being FAA-authorized means that the training we provide is top tier. From private pilot training to instrument rating, multi-engine licensing, commercial pilot licensing, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI), and military training, all sorts of aviation instruction is available at Paragon Flight.

Programs at Paragon Flight are student-driven. We create custom courses for our student-pilots in consideration of their plans, availability, and learning preferences. The instructors here have a diversity of backgrounds and a great deal of skill – to the advantage of our student-pilots.

The aircraft offered to students for training include the following:

  • Primary Training Aircraft
    • Piper PA28 “Pilot” – for single-engine training
    • PA-44 Seminole – for multi-engine training
  • Specialty Training Aircraft
    • Cirrus SR20 – for primary training, differences/transition training, high-performance endorsement training, and rentals
    • ALSIM Flight Simulator – for ultra-realistic training on the ground.

The entire fleet qualifies as TAA, Technically Advanced Aircraft, featuring Glass Cockpit tech and advanced avionics for easy transition to the aircraft pilots fly today. Every model within the fleet is immaculately kept and maintained to the height of standards by FAA-certified mechanics.

The Jeppesen curriculum was developed by a Boeing subsidiary and is absolutely the world’s best training system. We’re proud to be authorized to use this curriculum in order to turn out the safest, most skilled pilots on an accelerated timeline.

Build the perfect flight training program in collaboration with the Chief Flight Instructor. Your plan will take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest, cheapest route possible while fitting within your preferences. For professionally minded pilot candidates with full-time availability and a strong work ethic, the P3 Professional Pilot Program is an excellent option for faster and more affordable completion.

The choice of Paragon Flight is ideal for flight training for a variety of reasons, but the weather in the area should never go unconsidered. Many regions may have the aircraft and dedicated professionals, but they can’t promise more than 350 days of flight-friendly conditions as we can. Our students face no obstacles to training caused by inclement conditions.

The financial aspects of flight training can be a barrier, but we have experience that can help you overcome this challenge to your goals. Not only do we know how to identify the most appropriate financial resources for your situation, but we can also help you navigate the application process. Common resources include aviation scholarships, student loans, grants, GI benefits, and personal lending. We can even provide contacts for lenders with whom our students have successfully financed their training in the past.

For flight lessons in Venice, Florida, look a bit southward toward Fort Myers and Punta Gorda where you’ll find two Paragon Flight locations. At either of these locations, you’ll find the finest aviation training possible, regardless of whether you plan to become a private pilot or operate as a professional.