Flight School Courses

Are you interested in flight school courses and want the best possible source of training? You should consider Paragon Flight and how we prioritize the key factors contributing to successful flight instruction. We offer a wide range of programs and credentials.

Flight School CoursesParagon Flight prioritizes the environment, the facilities, the instructors and aircraft, and the curriculum. Joy in the experience must be part of training without sacrificing safety or sufficiency.

Flight Training Available at Paragon Flight


Private Pilot License (PPL) – permits pilots to fly in VFR conditions in single-engine aircraft.

Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – permits pilots to fly in all conditions and higher altitudes using navigation and communication systems in the aircraft.

Multi-Engine License (MEL) – permits pilots to fly twin-engine aircraft

Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training – prepares pilots to fly Cirrus SR series aircraft

Glass Cockpit Training – prepares pilots to fly various modern aircraft that are outfitted with Glass Cockpit technology


Airline and Commercial Pilot Training (CSEL/CMEL) – permits pilots to fly single-engine or multi-engine aircraft and accept compensation for their efforts.

Certified Flight Instructor Training (CFI/CFII/MEI) – permits commercial pilots to train other pilots in single-engine (CFI), multi-engine (MEI), or instrument (CFII) courses.


Initial Flight Orientation (IFO) – readies pilots for basic training

Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT) – scenario-based and designed to improve the coordination, cooperation, awareness, and safety efforts of crews

Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training – helps military and civilian helicopter pilots use their skills and apply them to aircraft as airline pilots

Aircraft Transition and Differences Training – helps pilots move to different aircraft confidently.

Financial Concerns of Flight Training

Far too many pilot candidates sacrifice their dreams because of money. Paragon Flight has a long history; we’ve operated for two decades. Allow our team to help you identify and secure the right financial resources for your training. Options range from aviation scholarships to student loans backed by the government, grants, GI funds, personal lending, etc. We can put you in touch with lenders who other students have used.

FAA Authorizations of Flight Schools

The FAA governs the operations of flight schools through Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 141 and 61. Part 141 schools have rigid syllabi and full-time courses, while Part 61 schools have one-on-one courses with flexible scheduling and pacing. Paragon Flight is fortunate to have both authorizations so we can provide students with the necessary training. We will curate a program that meets your circumstances and goals, whether a Part 141 course, a Part 61 course, or a combo package.

Paragon Flight Locations

Paragon Flight welcomes students at three locations, all of which have lovely weather for flight training all year.

  • Page Field Airport (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL – (239) 747-0056
  • Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda, FL – (941) 900-3131
  • LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) in LaGrange, GA – (706) 903-9337

Paragon Flight’s Aircraft Fleet

We provide every aircraft required for our flight training, and each member of our fleet is kept to an impeccable standard and equipped with Glass Cockpit technology. The fleet includes the Piper PA “Pilot,” the PA-44 Seminole, the Cirrus SR20, and the ALSIM AL172 Simulator.

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