How Much Do Commercial Airline Pilots Make

If you enjoy travel, speed, adventure, and flight, you should consider becoming a professional pilot. In your considerations, you might wonder how much do commercial airline pilots make, especially in light of the investment of time and money for training. Paragon Flight can provide these answers along with stellar training to help you put your best foot forward on your career path.

How Much Do Commercial Airline Pilots MakeAs a career, commercial pilots typically find great job satisfaction in their careers, especially if they find the ideal niche for their aptitudes and interests. The career is typically a well-paying one as well since qualified pilots are in even greater demand.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics holds that the average wage for commercial pilots is about $93k per year, while airline pilots earn an average of $160k annually with a quite attractive benefits package.

The elements that will influence the substance of the salary include level of experience, status of the airline, the aircraft qualified to fly, and the position held within the airline.

Paragon Flight is happy to help these ambitions become reality. Even more importantly, we’re well-positioned for this feat for student-pilots from anywhere on the globe. Additionally, we’ll customize your flight training program to meet the precise needs of your schedule and goals.

We’re able to provide custom programs through our dual authorizations under both FAA FAR Parts 61 and 141.

FAR Parts 141 – must be approved by the FAA and on-track with a rigidly followed syllabus. The general practical requirements are less rigorous because of the higher rigor of the training.

FAR Parts 61 – allows for variable training structure but requires more rigorous experience requirements as compensation.

Whether you participate in one program or the other, the final checkride and credential earned will be the same.

At Paragon Flight, we offer training for a private pilot certificate, instrument flight rating, commercial pilot certificate, multi-engine rating, Certified Flight Instructor credentials, and Airline Transport Pilot Certificate training.

Convenient Practice Training and Documentation of Flight Hours

To become an airline pilot, you will need to earn the appropriate credentials, and you’ll have to document a minimum of 1,500 hours in the air. Paragon Flight provides plenty of opportunities to do so with wonderful weather 350+ days of the year, numerous practice airfields, and more. Once you have your commercial pilot license and a Certified Flight Instructor certificate, why not combine your passion with the need to log hours by training novices?

The range of positions open to commercial pilots is wide and varied. If working for an airline doesn’t interest you, consider becoming a dedicated pilot of a private plane, a medical pilot, or fill any number of other roles filled by pilots.

All Students Welcome

Student-pilots from the US and abroad are welcome at Paragon Flight. We’ll be happy to provide an I-20 form for those seeking an M-1 student visa, and we welcome those with student aid packages or GI benefits. Call to speak with our staff for any of these arrangements or to receive contact information for some of the common lenders our student-pilots use for financing.

If you’re interested in how you can make a good living and enjoy adventure, consider coming to Paragon Flight to do the necessary training to become commercial airline pilots. We welcome your call or online contact to schedule an appointment to collaborate with the Head Flight Instructor to create a customized program for your individual training demands.