Military Pilot Training USA

Paragon Flight is well known as an ideal source for private and commercial pilot training, but we also welcome the needs of the military for pilot training on behalf of the government of the USA. Routine training for domestic and approved foreign militaries is a regular occurrence here.

Military Pilot Training USAMilitary flight training demands are broad based and numerous. Relying on private flight schools like Paragon Flight allows the military to take care of basic demands like initial training and transition programs without diverting resources from specialty training. Paragon Flight supplies this training for domestic and foreign governments under the authority of Part 141 of the FAA.

Flight Training for Military Purposes at Paragon Flight

Here at Paragon Flight, we provide multiple courses for the preparation of domestic and foreign militaries.

The Initial Flight Training program we offer serves as an intro for new recruits. The focus of this course is on aviation basics like aerodynamics and aircraft systems. We offer ground and flight training to give pilots a head start in their training, and completing this course will allow military trainers to teach specific maneuvers once pilots have mastered the basics.

Working with providers such as the CAE and USAF Air Education and Training Command has influenced the development of our program, and we often make adjustments to ensure that the military programs we aim to supplement are well met with our training.

The Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT) program at Paragon Flight ensures that military pilots keep their skills sharp. This training is repeated frequently for all pilots. Our entire fleet of aircraft is outfitted with the most advanced technology, and we drill pilots to promote improved performance during more advanced training as well as in the field.

The Aircraft Transition and Differences Training that we offer for military purposes helps pilots as they move from piloting one aircraft to another. Getting a jump on the controls and aerodynamics of new aircraft allow pilots to learn, practice, and perfect maneuvers in a new type of craft while military trainers tune in to advanced training.

All three of these programs save the military time and money without sacrificing the quality of the pilot training. We provide remarkable training for less money and allow the military to keep its resources focused on mission-specific training demands.

Transition from Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Flight

Military helicopter pilots can use the skills they’ve gained during their service and transfer them into skills that can become a career. Paragon Flight provides a course of training to evolve their understanding of helicopter flight into a single-or multi-engine fixed wing license. This course is also open to foreign militaries and military sales clients. Being VA approved, this program can be quite beneficial to veterans looking to transition into civilian employment.

Make the Most of Veterans Benefits

Paragon Flight, being Part 141 approved, is a terrific place for veterans to come and take advantage of their GI benefits. Our partnership with Liberty University provides access to the Post-9/11 GI bill and the Montgomery GI bill. Once you’ve been discharged, make good use of your benefits and skills by becoming a professional pilot.

Location, instructors, aircraft, and curriculum meet at Paragon Flight. We offer superior flight training to all, including military pilot training for the USA as well as approved foreign governments.