Multi-Engine Flight School Fort Myers, FL

The ideal flight school for multi-engine training in Fort Myers, FL, provides safe, high-quality instruction for pilots who choose to progress beyond the single-engine plane. Paragon Flight is a leader among flight schools in the US and offers a 7-day course for thorough preparation for flying planes with more than one engine.

Qualifying for the Course

Multi-Engine Flight School Fort Myers, FLPilots who choose to pursue a multi-engine rating have to meet certain requirements as designated by the FAA. These qualifications include that the pilot have an existing certificate, either commercial or private, have a current FAA medical approval, and produce proof of US citizenship or TSA approval.

Completing the course will require a checkride at its end to demonstrate knowledge and skill both verbally and in the air. An FAA approved evaluator will complete this measurement, and successful completion will result in the add-on multi-engine rating being added to the pilot’s certificate.

The Design of a Multi-Engine Course

Paragon Flight offers a multi-engine rating course for pilots who already have the authority of Pilot-in-Command of single-engine planes. While an instrument rating doesn’t have to be held by the pilot, the skills involved with this rating are essential for a pilot to continue on his or her career track. For those pilots striving to work toward career ambitions, the commercial pilot’s license is the most appropriate as the foundational element of multi-engine training since its required for airline employment.

Our flight instructors use a comprehensive curriculum to impart the workings of multi-engine aircraft and the in-flight practice to make sure that pilots fly safely and appropriately in all scenarios, including those when one engine fails. Maintaining control in single-engine conditions is a critical skill for multi-engine pilots. A twin-engine aircraft is heavier and faster than a single-engine plane, so the performance and hazards of the system are different and require further aviation education.

The multi-engine course we offer typically requires 7 days and consists of 13.5 hours of training, ground and practical in scope. Ground instruction covers 5 hours, and practical flight experience consists of 11.5 hours. The checkride usually takes 1.5 hours. For pilots who need a bit more practice in the air, Paragon Flight offers a 15-hour multi-engine flight course for a flat fee.

Choose Paragon Flight

At Paragon Flight, pilots perfecting their abilities in multi-engine aircraft have several advantages including the following:

  • In-flight practical experience in the standard for multi-engine training, the Piper PA-44 Seminole
  • Practice aircraft outfitted as a Technically Advanced Aircraft for adaptable skill acquisition
  • Certified Flight Instructors, skilled, committed, and experienced
  • Authorization under FAR Part 61 and Part 141 guidance – Ideal for those who require the structure of a classroom or those who require the freedom of a flexible approach
  • Terrific location operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL with proximity to several metropolises
  • 350+ days of flight-friendly weather

If you’re ready to fly into your future as a pilot, choose Paragon Flight, the foremost multi-engine flight school in Fort Myers, FL. We’ve repeatedly earned recognition as one of the best training outfits in the country by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), and we intend to continue promoting the skills of our pilots for many years to come. For more information about our courses for pilots of all skill levels, call (239)274-3170.