Multi Engine Training USA

Command a multi engine plane with the best training in the USA at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL. An award-winning flight training program awaits pilots who’d like to take the next step forward in their aviation education.

FYI Regarding Paragon Flight

Multi Engine Training USAParagon Flight falls under the authority of the FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141, so we can honor the demands of student-pilots with busy lifestyles and part-time availability as well as those who require the full-time, rigid curriculum of a Part 141 program.

In fact, students using GI funds or traveling from outside the US must participate in a Part 141 program, and we’re happy to facilitate whatever red tape is required to make the programs possible.

Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, the hub of Southwest Florida aviation, is our home. We are able to provide students with access to a tower-controlled runway and several nearby practice airfields, a plethora of accommodations, and perfect weather for flying over 350 days of the year. Accumulate all of the hours necessary to reach your goals through Paragon Flight.

A full team of diversely experienced and thoroughly trained Certified Flight Instructors (CFI/II/MEI) will help you meet your goals, working with your lifestyle and scheduling availability.

Dual Options for Multi-Engine Training

Paragon Flight provides avenues for pilots interested in multi-engine flight. The faster of the two approaches is the multi-engine rating course, which is an add-on endorsement to an existing pilot license, but if you haven’t yet earned your commercial license, we also offer a program where you can synchronize your commercial pilot training with your multi-engine program.

Learn to safely fly a heavier, faster, and more powerful plane through Paragon Flight. Flying a twin-engine aircraft amplifies the thrill of the flight experience, but it also has particular hazards that pilots must be ready to handle.

Training Aircraft for Multi-Engine Credentials

The flight schools that you consider should have appropriate planes in-house. The plan should never be to farm your practical training to another institution. Paragon Flight houses top-notch aircraft for every program that we offer, including those for multi-engine flight. Our students learn to fly in a Technically Advanced Piper PA-44-180 outfitted with Glass Cockpit Technology and Advanced Avionics. The standards that we use to govern the care for our fleet exceed even those required by the FAA.

Award-Winning Flight Training

The accolades that we’ve earned from the AOPA, or Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, have been repeated over the years. We’re proud of these honors from the leading aviation advocate in the country, and we consistently work to the high standards and expectations that earned the recognition.

Learn Safely without Sacrificing a Good Time

Flight training must prioritize safety, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun. In fact, you shouldn’t pursue flight training if you don’t enjoy it. Multi-engine planes handle differently than what you’re used to with a single-engine aircraft, and you must be prepared for what could go wrong. Safely reacting to spins and single-engine occurrences must be mastered in all possible situations.

Pilots in search of multi engine training in the USA will find the best available here at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, Florida. If interested, reach out by phone at (239) 747-0056 or online by clicking here.