Pilot School Orlando

If you’re planning your pilot education and searching for a quality school near Orlando, turn your attention southwest toward Fort Myers. There, you’ll find Paragon Flight, the ultimate source of aviation preparation for all levels, from no experience to advanced training for experienced pilots.

Pilot School OrlandoFounded in 2006, Paragon Flight has a rich background, as well as the quality service that experience brings. From the instructors we employ to the aircraft we house, curriculum we use, and programs we offer, every aspect of the Paragon Flight experience is top-notch, and we strive to improve daily.

The location of Paragon Flight is actually one of our best features. Page Field (FMY) airport in Fort Myers is our home. This airport is the foremost facilitator of air travel in Southwest Florida, so we’re able to provide access to a tower-controlled runway and an abundance of local airports and practice airfields.

The benefits of the location don’t end there. The weather here is sunny and beautiful all year long; over 350 days of the year offer opportunities for pilots to takeoff and fly. The scenery you’ll enjoy while in the sky exhibits some of the most beauty the world has to offer.

Being a place that appeals to pilots, the area is heavily populated with Certified Flight Instructors, so we’re able to hire the most experienced, talented, and committed here at Paragon Flight. Not only will your flight instructor be certified in the program you’re pursuing, but we also provide a best-fit promise. If you find that you and your instructor are a poor match, simply ask us for another.

The curriculum and fleet that we use at Paragon Flight are similarly superior. The Jeppesen curriculum is fairly exclusive, developed by a Boeing subsidiary, and proven effective 30% faster than the national average. The fleet is comprehensive; we offer sport aircraft, single-engine aircraft, multi-engine aircraft, and an advanced simulator. Each and every member of the fleet is the training standard and equipped with advanced avionics and Glass Cockpit tech.

Paragon Flight offers a wide range of custom training programs. Here, you can earn all of the following credentials:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial Pilot License, Single-Engine or Multi-Engine (CSEL or CMEL)
  • Multi-Engine Add-on Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/CFMEI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certification

We also provide military and government training and offer an accelerated P3 Professional Pilot Program that expedites commercial pilot training in a mere 38 weeks. The P3 program focuses on quality training, guidance when securing financing, and the development of leadership skills.

Preparing for Flight Training

Newbies to aviation should dip their toes into the waters of flight school with a Discovery Flight.

The Discovery Flight experience will provide a glimpse of what aspiring pilots can expect during training. This initial lesson will cover the basics of flight, and you’ll also enjoy a tour of the facilities and the opportunity to review the routines of flight every pilot must observe. Then, you and the instructor will begin your flight, and you may even have the opportunity to take control of the plane during it. The time spent in the sky does indeed count toward your documented flight hours too.

If you reside in Orlando and would like to participate in or gift a pilot school experience, choose the best available, and that’s Paragon Flight in Fort Myers. Begin with a conversation to design a plan around your goals, budget, and schedule by calling (239) 747-0056 or clicking here.