Private Pilot Flight Schools Near Me

Are you looking for private pilot flight schools “near me”? Why not expand your search to ensure that you find the best quality flight school? Rest assured that the school you attend matters in the long run. Become the safe, skilled, and well-prepared pilot you aim to be by attending Paragon Flight.

Private Pilot License (PPL) Programs at Paragon Flight

Private Pilot Flight Schools Near MeParagon Flight provides a broad swathe of training programs, but they all begin with the foundation learned through private pilot training. Learning to fly may be challenging, but it is a challenge that you can easily meet head-on when you have the right professionals by your side.

Private pilots have flight privileges for single-engine aircraft in VFR conditions. To make the program easier to master, we broke it down into “Stages.”

The STARTING POINT is a Discover Introduction Flight and On-Boarding Meeting. This stage consists of a short lesson, a facility tour, and a practical flight experience with one of our flight instructors. Upon completion of the Discovery Flight, we’ll review your goals and availability to curate a custom program designed to help you meet your goals. This discussion will include a thorough breakdown of your anticipated expenses. We can also help you identify appropriate financial resources you may qualify for or which other students have successfully secured a personal loan.

Potential sources for funding include GI funds, aviation scholarships, government-backed student loans, grants, etc.

Next, the private pilot program will teach you THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FLIGHT TRAINING. During this phase, you’ll be introduced to aircraft jargon, flight principles, airport, and airspace policies and procedures, radio and communication processes and tools, weather-related to flight impacts, FAA regulations and rules, checklist applications, and flight maneuvers. Students can expect to accrue 20-30 hours of flight time during this training phase.

The next stage, STAGE TWO: ADVANCED/SOLO FLIGHT TRAINING, allows students the room and guidance to master flight. This stage focuses on preparation for two solo cross-country flights and a supervised cross-country flight at night. Each stage in the program ends with a check to ensure that the student is ready to proceed before beginning the next stage of the program.

The final stage of the Private Pilot Program at Paragon Flight is EXAMINATION AND TESTING. Students will complete a final solo flight and fulfill any remaining license requirements. The priority during this stage is to prepare for the upcoming FAA verbal and practical check-ride. Before taking the exams administered by the FAA, Paragon Flight will administer our End of Course (EOC) flight, which is designed to check your level of readiness and build confidence.

After passing the FAA exams, you will be a licensed private pilot! Whether you stop at this point or proceed further with your aviation training, choose Paragon Flight

Why Paragon Flight

  • Locations:
    • Page Field in Fort Myers, FL
    • Punta Gorda Airport in Punta Gorda, FL
    • LaGrange-Callaway Airport in LaGrange, GA
  • Weather – over 300 days of flight-friendly weather each year
  • Access to tower-controlled runways and non-congested airfields
  • TAA fleet is filled with all of the aircraft required for training
  • Top-notch Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) with global experience
  • Jeppesen curriculum – developed by a Boeing subsidiary, computer-based, and 30% faster than the national average

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