Top Rated Commercial Airline Pilot Schools

As you consider the top-rated commercial flight schools to become an airline pilot, bear in mind that Paragon Flight offers several features unique to our location and operations.

Top Rated Commercial Airline Pilot SchoolsA Federal Aviation Approved flight school in Fort Myers, FL, Paragon Flight has a high-end reputation and repeated accolades by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) for our commitment to excellence. We challenge student-pilots to find a better school for airline pilot training.

As a dual FAA-authorized flight school, we leverage FAR Parts 61 and 141 for the service of our students. We cater to the individual, helping you achieve your aviation goals on your own terms, without sacrificing the quality of the training.

Our training programs include Private Pilot Certification, Instrument Flight Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Commercial Pilot Certification, Air Transport Pilot, and Certified Flight Instructor training. No matter which program you plan to pursue, the experience will begin with a custom training program designed around your time availability, goals, and starting point.

The Ultimate Training Aircraft Found at Paragon Flight

Within our fleet, student-pilots find the standard for learning to fly single-engine, multi-engine, and sporting aircraft. We house the safest training aircraft and equip them all with Glass Cockpit Technology. Further, we offer the use of one of the leading simulators for extra practice.

A Best-Fit Flight Instructor Match

Paragon Flight enjoys a wealth of Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) candidates. Florida offers pilots beautiful flying weather, numerous airfields, and gorgeous views from the sky. The high percentage of pilots in the area benefits us with a bounty of highly qualified applicants for Certified Flight Instructor staff. Our students can be assured of an instructor that will mesh with their personality and learning style because of the diversity and size of our instructor pool.

A Fast and Appropriate Flight Training Curriculum

The Jeppesen curriculum that we use at Paragon Flight is the premier program for flight training. It produces high-quality results 30% faster than the national average and was produced by a subsidiary of the Boeing company. The materials that we use provide accessibility and accommodations for our student-pilots.

The Importance of Location for Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight operates out of Page Field, the general aviation hub of Southwest Florida. Here, we have access to a tower-controlled runway and several nearby practice airfields. In Fort Myers, where Page Field lies, the weather is ready-for-takeoff 350+ days of the year. Several metropolitan areas in the region allow our student-pilots to find suitable accommodations and arrange for their companions to enjoy local attractions.

Financing Your Aviation Education

Flight school is an investment in your future, especially if you plan to climb the ladder all the way to an airline cockpit. As a Part 141 flight school, we’re able to welcome students who plan to use GI Bill funds or student aid financial packages. Alternatively, we can provide contact information for lenders our clients often use for financing.

We are also able to welcome international students on M-1 Student Visas, but these students should come with sufficient funds for the duration. They won’t be able to work while in the US.

Paragon Flight aviation school exists to help create the top-rated airline pilot you wish to be. We offer a stellar environment with excellent equipment, curriculum, and instructors to benefit our student pilots. Join the ranks of our pilots today by calling (239) 747-0056 to begin the training process.