Paragon has an outstanding track record for expertly delivering specialized programs such as the initial flight orientation (IFO) and initial flight training (IFT). Our experience working with providers such as CAE and the USAF Air Education and Training Command (AETC) has proven Paragon can deliver highly effective training courses that are on par with companies many times its size.

Paragon’s initial flight orientation programs prepare pilots for primary flight training conducted in basic training turbine aircraft such as the Beechcraft T-6, AT-6, Pilatus PC-9 and Embraer Tucano. Each client’s professional expectations, best practices, terminology are implemented as desired, helping pilots more-easily transition into an organization after completing training at Paragon.

Paragon’s size is its greatest strength, allowing high flexibility and adaptability to the client’s changing needs.  We are able to implement existing training curriculum or developing new curriculum to fit a client’s specific needs then deliver it instantaneously. That same flexibility allows Paragon to measure training effectiveness, provide improvement criteria and execute more effective methods of training.