It’s no secret that the Garmin G1000® revolutionized the aviation industry forever. In fact, every major aircraft manufacturer discontinued obsolete analog round gauge installations in mid 2000’s. Glass cockpits are here to stay so why learn of yesterday’s technology?

Our experience training is glass cockpit aircraft is truly unmatched. Since the Garmin’s inception, Paragon Flight has flow over 100,000 training hours and instructed thousands of students to fly using Garmin glass cockpits. We designed our entire curriculum around teaching our students to fly utilizing Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) equipped with the Garmin G1000®

If you’re new to flying, don’t make the mistake of learning on obsolete equipment. Think about it this way: would you learn to use a computer or learn to type on equipment that was new in the 1960’s 1970’s, 1980’s or even 1990? Technology is constantly evolving and aircraft are no different. Modern aircraft are technically advanced, more fuel efficient, safer and more reliable than they were even 10 years ago.

If you are already a pilot, we can help you transition to basic glass cockpit flying in as little as two or three hours. If you want to learn more, we have structured courses that will have you using a variety of features in as little as five hours. Thinking about buying a new aircraft with a glass cockpit? We can transition you to your new aircraft in a short time.

We can offer support and training for the following systems from Garmin and other manufactures.


  • Garmin G2000
  • Garmin G1000
  • Garmin G950
  • Garmin G600
  • Garmin G500
  • Garmin GTN 750
  • Garmin GTN 725
  • Garmin GTN 625
  • Garmin 696
  • Garmin 650
  • Garmin G3X
  • Garmin GDU 370
  • Garmin GDU 375


  • DynonSkyview
  • Dynon D10
  • Dynon D100


  • Avidyne IFD540