Depending on the student’s proficiency level and goals, Paragon’s standard multi-engine add-on is typically a 13-hour course that can be completed in seven (7) days. For those wanting or needing more flight time, a 15-hour course is available as well.

Our multi-engine programs are designed with the aspiring commercial pilot in mind so they are economical, fully immersive and fast-paced.

Multi-engine add-on programs include:
• 11.5 hours of multi-engine flight training time
• 5 hours of ground training
• 1.5 flight hours for the FAA check ride
• Supplemental training materials
• Simple flat-rate pricing

If you would like more time to build proficiency or to meet airline minimum requirements, please let us know how much you would like to fly. Additional ground or flight time is available at an additional cost to the standard flat rate program price.

What to Expect During Your Multi-Engine Add-On Training

The basic difference between operating a single-engine airplane and a multi-engine airplane is the potential problem of engine failure. The loss of an engine possesses two major problems for the pilot, loss of power and the loss of control. The loss of an engine not only reduces the power by 50%; it causes a loss of control because of the asymmetrical thrust that is created by the remaining operative engine.

During your training to become a multi-engine pilot, you will learn to safely fly the aircraft under normal operations as well as with one engine inoperative (OEI).

Our Training Aircraft

We operate the most popular twin-engine training aircraft in the world, the Piper PA-44 Seminole. The Seminole’s all-metal construction, predictable flight characteristics and simple systems make it highly reliable and easy to train in. One flight in the Seminole and you’ll see why it’s the backbone of almost every major flight school in the U.S.

Our multi-engine programs are specifically designed for our fleet if twin-engine Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). By training in a TAA, you are ensured to get the most advanced flight training available.