The private pilot license is the first license aspiring recreational and career-minded pilots typically obtain. The process of learning to fly can be intimidating but don’t worry; we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Your private pilot training experience with Paragon is broken into modules we call “Stages”:

  • Starting Point: Discovery Introduction Flight & On Boarding Meeting
  • Stage 1: Fundamentals of Flight Training (20-30 Hours of Flight Time)
  • Stage 2: Advanced / Solo Flight Training (10-15 Hours of Flight Time)
  • Stage 3: Examination and Testing (10-15 Hours of Flight Time)

Paragon Flight’s adaptive teaching method provides our students with a significant advantage.  Lessons within each stage follow a careful building block progression of introducing each task then building upon in with additional simulator, flight and academic lessons.

  • Starting Point: Discovery Flight & On Boarding Meeting

    For almost everyone, the Discovery Flight is the first step to becoming a pilot. This flight is a “mini-lesson” where you will tour the school, learn about becoming a pilot and then actually fly the aircraft with an FAA approved Certified Flight Instructor.

    The next step after your Discovery Flight is to meet with our team to review your goals, timeline and any other aspect of your training you wish to discuss. At this time, you will also be given a detailed written cost estimate and assigned a primary flight instructor.

  • Stage 1: Fundamentals of Flight Training (20-30 flight hours)

    Stage one is the largest portion of the training process, you can expect to complete anywhere from 20-30 flight hours of training before completing this stage.

    During this stage you will be introduced to the basics of flight including:

    • Aircraft terminology
    • Principles of flight
    • Airport operations and airspace
    • Radio and communications
    • Weather
    • FAA Regulations & Rules
    • Checklist usage
    • Flight maneuvers, take off and landing

    At the end of the stage you will also complete your first official “Stage Check” with a Paragon designated check instructor just prior to your first solo flight in the aircraft.

    The purpose of Paragon’s unique check flight process is to:

    • Check if you are progressing through your training course at the correct pace.
    • Serves as a quality control mechanism to ensure our instructors are teaching according to established best practices and standardizations.
    • Exposes you to the testing environment early and often.
    • Builds confidence & skills needed to pass the FAA flight exams.
    • Ensures you are ready for your first solo flight in the aircraft.
  • Stage 2: Advanced / Solo Flight Training (10-15 flight hours)

    During this stage, you will continue to improve your flight skills, including landings and cross country navigation. We are preparing you for your next two solo cross country flights and your supervised night cross country flight.

    You will also complete your second stage check with a check instructor prior to completing your solo cross-country flights.

  • Stage 3: Examination and Testing (10-15 flight hours)

    Stage three (3) is the final phase of your training where you will complete your final solo flights and any final requirements that are needed. You and your instructor will focus on final preparation for the FAA oral and flight exams.

    Prior to your FAA oral and flight exams, we will complete your “final exam” with Paragon, which is called your End of Course (EOC) flight. The EOC is designed to be difficult and closely mimic what you might expect in your FAA flight exam. When you pass your EOC, you are truly ready to become a pilot.

    Once you pass the FAA exams you’re officially a Private Pilot!