We Florida Financial

We Fly Paragon has partnered with We Florida Financial to provide a simple and seamless financing program for aspiring pilots called We Fly. We Florida Financial is a Florida business and was founded in Fort Lauderdale back in 1959. The program is specifically designed for student pilots in mind and makes achieving your flight training goals easy and very affordable. The program provides a fixed-rate line of credit from $5000 to $30,000. Getting your money is extremely quick and simple with online access to transfer funds as you see fit. Student Pilot loans with We Florida Financial’s easy to use online client portal allows you to reduce the stress and time it takes managing your money so you can focus on what matters most, becoming a great pilot. Application is simple and fast. You can apply only with the link below and most applications are processed and answered within 24 hours. For more information you can contact the We Fly program manager (Alex) by phone or email: Alex Martin Aviation Program Manager Tel: 954.913-7871 | Email: amartin@wefloridafinancial.com