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200 Airport Parkway
LaGrange, GA 30240

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

Tel: (706) 903-9337

Explore Paragon Flight’s newest satellite location at LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC), a midsized public-use airport that is located just off Interstate 85 in LaGrange, Georgia, and owned by the City of LaGrange and Troup County, GA.

Situated in between Atlanta, Columbus, Montgomery, and Birmingham, LaGrange-Callaway Airport is located about three miles southwest of the City of LaGrange, and 60 miles southwest of the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. This excellent location caters to the needs of general and corporate aviation traffic in the Atlanta metropolitan area and other cities in the southeastern United States.

LGC has two asphalt-paved runways equipped with lighting and navigational aids to enable safe and efficient operations, even in low-visibility conditions. The primary runway, 13/31, is 6,499 feet long with three types of approaches – ILS, VOR, and GPS. It is equipped with precision approach path indicators (PAPI) on both ends, providing pilots with a safe and accurate glide slope on final approach to the runway. The secondary runway, 03/21, is 5,000 feet long.

The terminal building at LGC was recently renovated and provides users with a pilot’s lounge, snooze room, kitchen, flight planning room, and a conference room.

Thanks to LaGrange-Callaway Airport’s location just outside Atlanta’s Class B airspace, there are no ATC delays and no congestion. With beautiful year round weather, pilots enjoy over 300 VFR flying days each year.

Paragon Flight Programs & Fleet

Paragon Flight offers pilot training at LaGrange-Callaway Airport to people from around the world who would like to fly for recreation or as a profession, including commercial, military, and government pilots. After a private consultation, we will design a custom training program to meet your unique goals, schedule, and lifestyle.

Our fleet of training aircraft includes Cessna’s top-tier technically advanced single aircraft C172S Skyhawk and an ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

Paragon Flight students can complete training fast at LGC. In addition to traditional courses of study, our P3 Professional Pilot Program is an intense, accelerated course that takes inexperienced pilots from zero experience to a commercial pilot license with flight instructor certification in fewer than 10 months.