CFI Training

Paragon Flight provides CFI training in the beautiful environment of Southwestern Florida. For those who want to achieve their goal of becoming a Certified Flight Instructor, we’re the best choice of flight school.

Beautiful Southwest Florida

Accelerated CFI TrainingFort Myers, FL, home to Paragon Flight, experiences ideal flying weather over 350 days each year. With privileges at several nearby airfields and lying within the hub of Southwest Florida air travel, Paragon Flight students enjoy maximum opportunity to log flight hours.

Flexible Programs

At Paragon Flight, we can design a course to work around your busy life, or you can choose to partake in a full-time, more traditional flight course. This variability in available training stems from our designation as both a FAR-approved Part 61 and Part 141 flight school. Schools operating under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61 can approach instruction more flexibly whole Part 141 schools are rigid in curriculum and timeline. Luckily, Paragon Flight can provide either pathway depending on your situation.

Requirements for Certified Flight Instructors include:

  • Reach 18 years of age
  • Speak, read, and comprehend English.
  • Hold a commercial or Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification
  • Hold the appropriate rating and certificate for the class of instruction position sought
  • Log at least 15 hours as the Pilot in Command (PIC) in the category and class of aircraft appropriate to the rating sought
  • Demonstrate ability to teach stall awareness, spin entry, spins, and spin recovery
  • Hold a current 3rd class FAA Medical Certificate
  • Achieve at least 70% correct on the FAA Flight Instructor Knowledge Written Exam
  • Pass the Oral and Practical Exams

A CFI training course works well when candidates have already achieved some of these requirements.

Training to Become a Certified Flight Instructor

The Certified Flight Instructor certificate doesn’t make you a pilot; it makes you a teacher. When you hold this CFI certificate, you’re allowed to instruct, approve, and evaluate pilots-in-training. With a CFII certificate, you can also teach instrument rating courses, and an MEI certificate permits you to instruct pilots seeking a Multi-Engine rating.

Often, pilots pursue these certifications as they build a portfolio of experience for future plans. Even if you never plan on teaching as a long-term goal, the courses involved with gaining a CFI certificate provides an even stronger basis of knowledge surrounding practical flight experience and theory.

The courses that we provide are led by world-class pilots and guide you through real situations you will encounter both as you fly and as you teach. Our goal is to make you an instructor effective at lending your skills to another, resulting in safe and successful pilots. Our desire that our passion for flight flows toward you, your students, and so forth.

CFI training will kick your aviation career into high gear. Paragon Flight allows you to pursue your goals at your own pace without sacrificing quality. For more information, give us a call at (239) 274-3170. Our Chief Flight Instructor will be happy to discuss your goals and form a plan to help you reach them with a timeline that works with your lifestyle.