Accelerated Flight Training Florida

Finding accelerated flight training in Florida isn’t difficult. In fact, you’ll discover one of the best sources for pilot training in the country here at Paragon Flight. Our facilities, equipment, and instructors are beyond compare, and we employ the Jeppesen pilot training curriculum. 

Begin your journey with a discovery flight, and we’ll help you meet your flight goals on your own schedule – learn as quickly or as slowly as your lifestyle allows. We’ll do our part; you’ll do yours; and your pilot certification will be achieved quickly.

Accelerated Flight Training FloridaSince 2006, Paragon Flight has provided excellent flight instruction services. We’re approved by the FAA and cater to both novice and experienced pilots, whether the goal is to fly on a recreational basis, to become a professional cargo pilot, or to eventually fly for a commercial airline.

Paragon Flight has been recognized over the years by students and professional associations as a top-notch flight school. We’re one of the best in the country, and the numerous satisfied pilots who’ve been trained in our facilities can confirm it.

Paragon Flight students usually learn to fly in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. This single-engine, reliable aircraft is the best-selling, most-flown airplane ever and has built a reputation as the safest general aviation aircraft ever built. We also have other single-engine and multi-engine aircraft in our fleet, so your flight education can be broad and meet all certification requirements.

Building your flight training plan will start with the type of plane you want to learn to fly. It will then expand to include your schedule and budget. Our flight instructors are experienced pilots, and our planes are well maintained. You’ll be exceptionally safe as you receive your flying education.

Paragon Flight’s curriculum comes from Jeppesen, the creators of the best flight instructional materials in existence. This curriculum is proven to help students earn certifications 30% faster. As one of the few flight schools who are allowed to use this content, you’ll have a leg up on the ground instruction portion of your education. Imagine learning to fly in the best possible planes, from the most well-trained professional pilots, with the best products in the world!

Students will choose between a FAR Part 141 or a FAR Part 61 training program. Those seeking a commercial license will generally choose Part 141, a classroom-based approach with a strict curriculum, while those who need a more flexible, customized program choose Part 61. Both are approved by the FAA and have similar costs, but offer different levels of flexibility.

Learning to fly here in Southwest Florida is a great option because of the weather and the wide network of airports and practice fields! You’ll have many days of perfect weather for racking up flight time as well as convenient access to practice areas.

Paragon Flight has even established a method of helping prospective students finance their dreams. We Florida Financial offers a program called We Fly, and Paragon Flight has partnered with them to provide a simple and seamless financing program. If you need help paying for your flight instruction, this lender can be a great option.

If you’re ready to strap into the pilot’s seat, grab the controls, and experience the thrill of flying, seek out accelerated flight training in Florida by calling (239) 274-3170 to get started with Paragon Flight!