Accredited Flight Schools

Paragon Flight is one of the best accredited flight schools in the US. We operate under FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 and 141 and can provide personalized programs to meet all student pilots’ needs regarding their schedules and goals.

Accredited Flight SchoolsFederal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61 permits us to provide one-on-one courses that suit individual schedules, learning styles, and personalities. In contrast, Part 141 regs promote full-time lessons and the participation of traditional students with government-backed student loans, veterans with GI benefits, and international students with an M-1 Student Visa. We welcome all comers who are interested in learning to fly, for personal or professional pursuits.

We have three different flight school locations, all set in areas with flight-friendly conditions all year. These locations include Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL; Punta Gorda Airport (PGD) in Punta Gorda, FL; and LaGrange-Callaway Airport (LGC) in LaGrange, GA. We operate out of modern facilities with appropriate runways for training and little air traffic congestion.

The flight training programs that we offer at Paragon Flight are comprehensive. We offer training for personal, commercial, and military certifications, including all of the following:

  • Training for Personal Pilot Pursuits
    • Private Pilot License (PPL) Training – permits pilots to fly a single-engine plane in visual conditions for non-commercial purposes.
    • Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) Training – permits pilots to fly in conditions that require the use of communication and navigation systems in aircraft.
    • Multi-Engine License (MEL) Training – permits pilots to fly twin-engine planes for non-commercial purposes.
    • Cirrus Certified Aircraft Training – trains private and commercial pilots to operate the Cirrus SR series in clear conditions.
    • Glass Cockpit Training – trains pilots to use Garmin Glass Cockpit tech, today’s aviation standard
  • Training for Professional Pilot Pursuits
    • Commercial Pilot License, Single-Engine (CSEL) Training – permits pilots to fly single-engine aircraft for compensation.
    • Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine (CMEL) Training – qualifies pilots to fly multi-engine aircraft for compensation
    • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certification Training – allows pilots to fly passengers and work for an airline.
    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI) Training – prepares pilots to train pilot candidates for specific credentials (CFI – single-engine, CFII – instrument flight, MEI – multi-engine)
  • Training for Military and Government Pursuits
  • Initial Flight Orientation (IFO) Training – readies pilots to participate in basic training
  • Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT) – trains crews via scenarios to improve their coordination, cooperation, awareness, and safety
  • Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training – helps helicopter pilots, civilian and military, change to being an airline pilot.
  • Aircraft Transition and Differences Training – trains pilots as they move to different aircraft, specifically the Cessna C172, C182, C206, and T206.

Contact the Chief Flight Instructor at one of our flight school locations to design your custom program. We will work with your status, schedule, goal, and budget to help you progress toward your goals in a way that works for your lifestyle.

The Difference Paragon Flight Makes

At all Paragon Flight locations, student-pilots find advanced aircraft with modern technology, impeccable upkeep, diverse and expert-level pilots, and world-class curriculum. Whether you participate in an accelerated program like the P3 Professional Pilot program or need to recertify or rent an aircraft, we deserve your patronage and prove this value daily.

Click here to contact any of the elite Paragon Flight accredited flight schools, or call us at the following numbers:

  • Fort Myers, FL – (239) 747-0056
  • Punta Gorda, FL – (941) 900-3131
  • LaGrange, GA – (706) 903-9337.