Airline Pilot School Cape Coral

For a training experience that will prepare you to be a highly employable airline pilot, come to one of the premier flight schools in the US, Paragon Flight near Cape Coral, Florida. Just under 10 short miles from Cape Coral at Page Field in Fort Myers, we provide stellar flight training with the perfect location and outstanding facilities.

Airline Pilot School Cape CoralFlight schools typically operate under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Parts 61 or 141. The single authorization limits them to either full-time or part-time students. Not so with Paragon Flight. We provide the ideal, custom training program for each student by having dual authorizations that allow us to meet students at the stage of life, training, budget, and schedule they’re in.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is one of the foremost advocacy organizations for aviation enthusiasts, and we’re proud to have received accolades from them many times over the course of years.

Pathways to Becoming an Airline Pilot

Pilots can become an airline pilot by attending a university to earn a degree in an aviation-related field, or they can attend an FAA-authorized flight school like Paragon Flight.

Choose Paragon Flight’s Path to Pilothood

When you choose to attend a dedicated flight school, the first step in the process will be to secure a private pilot license to gain a foundation in aviation basics.

Then, you’ll follow up with an instrument rating to be able to fly in additional circumstances while using the systems and controls of the aircraft as well as guidance from control towers.

In order to safely and effectively provide flight services for payment, you’ll need to acquire a commercial pilot license. This licensure is required for any scenario where a pilot receives payment for pilot services whether it involves flying tourists, cropdusters, banner planes, packages, or airliners.

At this time, many pilots will choose to pursue a Certified Flight Instructor license in order to log time in the sky while making cash. If you plan to fly for an airline, you need to plan on accumulating 1,500 flight hours, minimum.

If you stop here in your aviation education, you’ll be unable to operate an airliner, though. These are multi-engine planes, so you will need a corresponding engine rating.

Every single step to become an Airline Transport Certified Pilot is available for completion at Paragon Flight. In fact, the convenient access for frequent and regular flight time will speed up the accumulation of documented flight hours.

Finally, before you apply to become a certified airline pilot, get your 1st class medical certificate to become a PIC, or pilot in command or a 2nd class medical to serve as co-pilot.

Why Choose Paragon Flight:

  • Ideal location with flight-worthy weather 350+ days of year
  • Home airport with tower-controlled runway, numerous practice airfields, and nearby accommodations to suit your preferences and your finances
  • Premier Certified Flight Instructors chosen from a field of the best in the world in Southwest Florida, a central region of aviation
  • Technically advanced and program appropriate aircraft
  • Proven Jeppesen curriculum

Visit Cape Coral while attending airline pilot school at Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL. Give the ball a push to get it rolling by calling (239) 747-0056 to schedule a consultation and discuss your goals and create a concrete plan to accomplish them.