Airline Pilot School Georgia

Speak to your love of travel, draw to thrills, and aptitude toward spatial awareness by pursuing a career as an airline pilot at Paragon Flight, the flight school that provides superior training and remarkable outcomes you will not find in Georgia. We operate out of Fort Myers in Florida, where student-pilots find ample opportunity to log hours, the best-choice of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), and a fleet of Technically Advanced and appropriate for purpose aircraft.

Airline Pilot School GeorgiaIndividualized plans are key to successful aviation training. Some student-pilots require full-time, rigid training and curriculum while others require flexibility. Paragon Flight designs an individualized course from the very beginning for the student-pilot’s training.

Dual Authorization for Amplified Customer Support

The FAA authorizes flight schools under Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 141. Most schools operate under one or the other, but we have authorization under both sets of guidelines.

For student pilots who are students in the normative sense of the word, we provide full-time availability and curriculum, permitting us to accept international students and those using financial aid and GI benefits due to our Part 141 authorization.

The Part 61 authorization, on the other hand, facilitates tighter schedules for the student-pilot with family and occupational obligations. We can adjust pacing and order of curriculum.

The curriculum that we use, Jeppesen, has been produced by a subsidiary of the Boeing company and is proven to produce ready and safe pilots 30% faster than the national average.

Suitable Licensing for Commercial Pilots

The initial step toward turning a hobby into a career is earning the commercial pilot license. Without one, you aren’t allowed to accept a penny for aviation services. Once you have this license, you’ll be able to pursue a variety of careers in the sky, including progress toward becoming an airline pilot.

Paragon Flight provides this training option as well as all of the other required training as well as ample opportunity to log the required 1,500 hours of flight time to become an airline pilot.

Qualifying to become a commercial pilot will require that specific requirements are met. These standards include being 18 years of age, able to write and speak the English language, holding a current private pilot license, and having a valid Class Medical Certificate.

In terms of training, commercial pilots must log a minimum of 250 flight hours, with 100 of them serving as PIC, or Pilot-in-Command, 50 spent flying cross-country, 10 of solo flight time, and 20 spent training with half being instrument and half being TAA. Candidates will need to pass a knowledge-based written exam and a checkride with verbal and practical components as well. The checkride will be administered by an FAA examiner.

With a commercial pilot certificate under your belt, proceed with preparation for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and documenting the required 1,500 flight hours.

Beautiful, sunny Southwest Florida offers plenty of opportunity to get in the air and log those hours. The skies are clear for takeoff at least 350 days of the year, and we’re in close proximity to several airfields.

Make the trip from Georgia to one of the best flight schools in the country, Paragon Flight, in Fort Myers, Florida to become an airline pilot. We look forward to your call at (239) 747-0056 and the opportunity to discuss your best route to reaching your dreams!