Airline Pilot Schools Near Me

Are you a hopeful airline pilot looking for schools “near me”? The answer is Paragon Flight. We provide a world-class aviation education to guide you to your cockpit career. Whether you call Florida home or would need to travel to attend here, the experience is worth the trip.

Airline Pilot Schools Near MeParagon Flight, located in Fort Myers, FL, provides instruction authorized by FAR Parts 141 and 61. We staff proven Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), provide well-kept, Technically Advanced Aircraft, and employ an advanced curriculum developed by a subsidiary of the Boeing Corporation. Becoming a pilot is a winding, complex journey, and Paragon Flight can guide you through the path in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our core purpose at Paragon Flight is to drive pilot training focusing on safety and effectiveness. We create custom programs to train pilots more effectively based on their schedules, existing experiences, and ultimate goals.

Since we’re a dually authorized flight school, Paragon Flight can offer the strict standard curriculum of a Part 141 program and the flexibility of a Part 61 approved course. With this duality, we can meet the needs of more pilot hopefuls.

Make Your Living in the Sky

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is essential for a pilot who wants to collect payment for their work in the cockpit. To earn this credential, the candidate must be at least 18, fluent and literate in English, have a current Private Pilot License (PPL), and hold a valid 2nd Class Medical Certificate.

Whether you’re beginning the acquisition of a Private Pilot License or have accumulated a few credentials already, Paragon Flight can provide training for a wide range of qualifications. In pursuit of an airline pilot license, you’ll need to earn an Instrument Flight Rating (IFR), a multi-engine rating, a Commercial Pilot License, and an optional Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

With an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and 1,500 documented hours in the air, you’ll be ready to apply for airline positions.

The required training to become a pilot includes ground and practical training in the sky. From the foundations of aerodynamics to meteorology, safe operations, and appropriate airport procedures, we offer a complete curriculum to prepare you for all written and oral exams.

When Ready to Begin

Once you know that you’re ready to pursue your dreams, choose to travel to Southwest Florida, specifically Paragon Flight at Page Field, for your training.

This area offers 350+ days of the year with flight-appropriate weather, so you’ll be able to log the hours you need without delays. This fact also makes the area home to many pilots, so you’ll have access to some of the world’s most expert Certified Flight Instructors.

Yet another reason to choose Paragon Flight is that we have an incredible fleet of aircraft with newer, quality planes for all types of training. By using Glass Cockpit technology, we can prepare pilots for the advanced tech they’ll see in their future careers. We specifically use Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Cessna C172S Skyhawk, Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and the ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator.

Schedule a consultation to create your custom course at Paragon Flight, the best answer for anyone looking for airline pilot schools “near me.”