Airline Pilot Training in Oregon

Why waste time with airline pilot training in Oregon with consistently inconsistent opportunities for practical training when you can enjoy the beautiful weather and remarkable sights from the Florida sky? Paragon Flight offers a thoughtfully designed program for faster and cheaper training than other providers’ programs: Professional Pilot Program (P3).

Airline Pilot Training in OregonParagon Flight offers various flight training programs custom-designed to work with your schedule, goals, budget, and preferences. If you’re a driven, hard-working pilot candidate, consider our Professional Pilot Program (P3). This program requires an investment of effort, but you’ll be a commercially licensed, Certified Flight Instructor within 38 weeks.

 38-Week Timeline of P3 Professional Pilot Program

  • Weeks 0-10 Private Pilot (PPL)

The program’s initial phase will provide you with a strong foundation in the basics of aviation. With the scaffolding you develop during this step, you’ll be well-prepared to continue with the rest of the course.

  • Weeks 11-18 Instrument Flight Rating (IFR)

The second phase of the P3 Program teaches you to use the communication and navigation equipment that every commercial pilot uses regularly. Our aircraft feature advanced avionics and Glass Cockpit technology, so you’ll learn using the same tech you can expect in the aircraft you’ll be flying during your future career.

  • Weeks 19-30 Commercial License, Single Engine and Multi-Engine (CSEL and CMEL)

Once you have an Instrument Rating, we’ll move on to training for your commercial licensing. We’ll waste no time with this course. Instead, we’ll rigorously train you to fly single-engine and multi-engine aircraft in professional duties safely. Acting as a pilot professionally is a heady responsibility, so we take your preparation seriously, as should any candidate for this program.

  • Weeks 31-38 Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

The final step in the P3 Program is to earn your certification to be a flight instructor. The best way to learn is to teach, so as you perfect your skills even further, you’ll be able to document the 1,500 hours of flight time required to apply for an airline pilot position.

After completing this program, you’ll be ready to log the flight hours, earn an Airline Transport Pilot Certification, and apply for an entry-level airline position. Given the great need for pilots in today’s climates, it’s an excellent time to complete your training and earn your Captain’s wings.

Paragon Flight’s Prime Location

Fort Myers, Florida, the home of Page Field (FMY), where Paragon Flight operates, provides the sunny, clear skies needed for practical training over 350 days of the year. Here, you won’t be delayed by weather conditions, unprepared aircraft, or any other hindrance. Your progress will proceed without any obstacles. 

Along with the ideal flying weather comes some of the most beautiful scenery you might imagine from the cockpit. Unforgettable sunsets, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, lush vegetation, and other remarkable attractions alone make the trip here for flight training worth it.

Of course, a location like ours calls pilots like a Siren’s Song to sailors. We can select Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) from the most skilled, versatilely experienced in the world for the benefit of our students.

With an understanding of our P3 Professional Pilot Program, the advantages of our location, and the comprehensive quality of our facilities, we’re eager to welcome your trip from Oregon for airline pilot training here at Paragon Flight in Florida. Register today by calling (239) 747-0056 or clicking this link.