Airline Pilot Training Washington

If you live in Washington and want to pursue airline pilot training, the trip to Paragon Flight in Fort Myers, FL, will be worth every mile. We provide a fun and dynamic environment, a customizable plan of training, and plenty of opportunities to earn flight hours.

Airline Pilot Training WashingtonAs a top-quality flight school with dual FAR authorizations, Parts 61 and 141, Paragon Flight welcomes pilot candidates with day jobs as well as those with full-time availability. International students and veterans are also welcome.

Financing Your Journey toward an Airline Pilot Post

Consider the step-wise process required to become an airline pilot:

  • Private pilot certificate
  • Instrument flight rating
  • Commercial pilot certificate
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (ATP) – 1,500 flight hours logged

The many steps required to become an airline pilot can result in great expense. Students and veterans are often able to use a financial aid package, and we are able to put others in touch with reputable lenders who often loan money to our student-pilots.

In addition, once you reach the stage of earning your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) credential, you will be able to accrue flight hours while being paid for teaching.

The Perspective of an Airline Pilot’s Experience

The job requirements of an airline pilot are both rewarding and challenging. Consider the following typical requirements of the position:

  • Arrive an hour before the flight to meet with the crew and perform preflight requirements, which include reviewing the route and alternate routes as well as weather conditions along those routes.
  • Onboard the plane, you will check its log books while the co-pilot checks the plane and inputs the route.
  • After a final review, the flight will commence. During the flight, pilots will watch the weather along the route and adjust as needed.
  • Finally, you’ll land the plane and either prepare for the return flight or enjoy some down time.

As a lifestyle, airline pilots do spend quite a bit of time traveling, but they also have sufficient home time to have a regular life. With more experience will come more flexibility, but in the beginning, you will be working plenty of weekends and holidays. However, with the job comes plenty of travel and opportunities for meeting interesting people and enjoying cultural experiences.

Differences between a Commercial Pilot and an Airline Pilot

All airline pilots are commercial pilots, but all commercial pilots are not airline pilots. Pilots must have a commercial license to accept compensation for flying. Airline pilots have this license, but their training goes well beyond the requirements for a commercial license.

The commercial pilot license is the first step in the career path for most pilots, but not all go on to become airline pilots. Since airline pilots must have 1,500 flight hours, they will often work as flight instructors, tours, banner towing, and other entry level jobs as they document hours and develop expertise.

In Washington, the frequent rain and sour weather will prevent efficient airline pilot training. Paragon Flight, in Fort Myers, FL, experiences perfect weather for flight 350 days of the year, numerous practice fields, and comfortable and affordable accommodations. We provide all the courses you’ll need to become an airline pilot as well as plenty of time to log the hours required for the position.