Best Accelerated Flight Schools

Paragon Flight is one of the best accelerated flight schools in the United States for pilot candidates with professional aspirations. If you’re looking for an avenue that will allow you to pursue your dreams as quickly and affordably as possible, you’ve found it with us. Keep reading to discover why you should choose to prepare for the cockpit with the team at Paragon Flight.

Becoming a Professional Pilot

Best Accelerated Flight SchoolsWorking as a professional pilot can mean operating in pursuit of agricultural, military, cargo transport, or passenger travel purposes – and even more. Before accepting payment for your work as a pilot, you’ll need to have a commercial license, and your aviation education will need to progress from there. Jumpstart your training with our P3 Program.

Today’s job market is very pilot-friendly. The need for qualified pilots continues to grow as a generation of pilots retires, and more travelers fly more frequently. As such, salaries are higher, and job availability is as well.

To help fill these roles, Paragon Flight has designed a unique program that allows ambitious pilots to progress from zero experience to having a commercial license with flight instructor certification. This program, the P3 Professional Pilot Program, is reason enough for any ambitious pilot to choose Paragon Flight, but we offer so much more.

Review of the P3 Program

The P3 Professional Pilot Program consists of 38 weeks of intense training, so candidates must be free to participate in 4-5 flight lessons and 10-20 hours of ground instruction weekly. During this course, we focus on offering quality training, developing leadership qualities, and helping pilots secure appropriate financing for the training.

Schedule –

  • 0-10 WEEKS – Private Pilot License (PPL) Training – foundational program for all future aviation training focusing on best practices and good habits as a pilot.
  • 11-18 WEEKS – Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) Training – The next phase of the program that prepares pilots to fly utilizing the communication and navigation systems of the aircraft.
  • 19-30 WEEKS – Commercial License, Single Engine, and Multi-Engine (CSEL/CMEL) Training – a professional pilot must have a commercial license, and this phase provides the necessary training for pilots to operate both single- and multi-engine aircraft at a mastery level.
  • 31-38 WEEKS – Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Training – the program’s last phase that prepares professionally licensed pilots to share that training with others. This certification benefits entry-level pilots by allowing them to enter the field while continuing to accrue flight hours, earn a living, and hone their skills.

Prerequisites –

  • 18 years old, minimum
  • High school diploma or GED (some college preferred)
  • Two character references – one personal + one professional
  • Clean driving record
  • Clean FAA record (NO incidents, accidents, or enforcement actions)
  • Clean criminal background
  • Passed behavioral and cognitive evaluation
  • FAA 1st Class Medical Certificate
  • Proficiently fluent and literate in the English language
  • Full-time availability
  • Integrity, drive, and strong work ethic.

Highlights of Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight’s P3 Program is a powerful reason to choose us, but it’s not the only reason. Consider the following non-exhaustive list of reasons:

  • Locations in Fort Myers, FL; Punta Gorda, FL; and LaGrange, GA, where the weather is flight-friendly all year long;
  • Jeppesen curriculum – world-class and proven to produce ready pilots 30% faster than the national average;
  • Flight instruction crew marked by length and diversity of experience;
  • Aircraft designed and kept to meet the needs of all of our training programs

For the best accelerated flight program, come to one of the best flight schools: Paragon Flight. Click here or call (239) 747-0056 to plan your personalized training journey.