Best Airline Pilot Training Schools

Dreams come true when effort meets ambition, and when your dreams fly in the clouds where airplanes glide, you should consider what makes the best airline pilot training schools. Consider Paragon Flight as an example of such. We offer the best of everything from weather to opportunities to fly, modern facilities and aircraft, accomplished and experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs), and proven curriculum.

Best Airline Pilot Training SchoolsFrom the very beginning of the flight school experience, the best options on the market will cater to the individual student-pilot on a personalized basis.

Paragon Flight Welcomes Student-Pilots in Sunny Florida

The mere fact of our location gives us a significant advancement in quality of flight training. The airport we call home, Page Field, provides access to a tower-controlled runway, and we’re proximal to numerous practice airfields as well as several metropolitan cities.

The weather in Fort Myers is ideal for student-pilots, especially those trying to document the 1,500 hours required to become an airline pilot. Over 350 days of the year offer circumstances that allow our aircraft to takeoff and fly.

Before Coming to Paragon Flight

Prove that you’re fit to participate in flight school before you ever come to Paragon Flight to complete your airline pilot training. Captains and co-captains of airliners fulfill transportation needs of hundreds of passengers every single day, so they must be in shape and fit for duty. The Captain, or Pilot-in-Command (PIC), needs a 1st Class Medical Certificate from the FAA, and the Co-Captain, or Second-in-Command needs a 2nd Class Medical Certificate.

The 1st Class Medical Certificate requires sufficient hearing from a 6-foot distance, 20/20 vision with or without correction, the ability to see colors, and absence of serious cardiovascular and neurological conditions. Several conditions that make flight unsafe will disqualify a candidate from becoming an airline pilot.

Should you meet the qualification requisites, we’ll begin preparing your training program in light of your current training status, goals, and schedule availability.

Paragon Flight is authorized by Federal Aviation Regulations FAR Parts 61 and 141. With dual authorizations, we’re able to provide full-time courses that follow strict curriculum as well as flexible scheduling, pacing, and curriculum order. Our customized programs will meet the needs of all students including fresh-faced college-age students and late bloomers pursuing a mid-life career change.

Well-Suited Certified Flight Instructors and Curriculum

The abundance of pilots in Florida allows Paragon Flight to hire the cream of the aviation crop. The range of Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) on our staff includes a diverse degree of geographical regions, aircraft styles, and teaching styles. We work with students on a personal basis until the student becomes a pilot and is prepared for the checkride.

The curriculum that we provide for students is Boeing’s Jeppesen teaching materials. This path has been proven to produce pilots 30% faster than the national average. At Paragon Flight, student-pilots are able to fulfill every step required to become an airline pilot beginning with earning a private pilot license, followed by the commercial pilot license, an instrument rating, a multi-engine rating, the Airline Transport Cargo Pilot license, and then 1,500 logged flight hours. You can also become a Certified Flight Instructor yourself.

The best airline pilot training occurs at schools with every element maximized and waiting, like Paragon Flight. Dial (239) 747-0056 to schedule a consultation and prepare to create the ideal pilot training program.