Best Flight School For International Students

Learning to fly is both a huge thrill and an opportunity for life, whether it’s recreational flight as a private pilot or a professional role as a commercial pilot. For international students, the best flight school for their training in the US is undeniably Paragon Flight. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all student-pilot candidates regardless of ambition and current experience.

Best Flight School For International StudentsForeign and domestic pilot candidates should definitely consider Paragon Flight as the foremost provider of training, and we encourage you to call us at (239) 747-0056 to discuss the customized programs we can create as well as the qualifications, costs, and other relevant factors.

Information for International Pilot Candidates

Being an FAA Part 141 authorized flight school, Paragon Flight has permission from the Department of Homeland Security to provide flight instruction to international students who are not legal residents of the US. We routinely welcome these students, helping with the required documentation and creating fully personalized programs for each student.

To study with us, foreign students need to apply for and receive an M-1 Student visa in order to earn initial certifications including a private pilot license, commercial pilot license (single- or multi-engine), or an instrument rating.

If you’re a currently certified pilot, you can participate in recurrent training, proficiency checks, and licensure conversions without obtaining a student visa. You may also rent our aircraft without the student visa while visiting the country.

International students who live in the US with permanent residency also do not need an M-1 student visa; they simply need to obtain approval from the TSA.

Proof of US Citizenship

As part of the process of attending flight instruction, US citizens will need to prove their status. Any of the following documents will suffice:

  • Valid, unexpired US passport
  • Original birth certificate and government issued picture ID
  • Original birth certificate abroad and government issued picture ID
  • Original certificate of US citizenship with raised seal OR a certificate of repatriation AND government issued picture ID
  • Original US naturalization certificate with raised seal and government issued ID

Choose Paragon Flight for Efficiency and Excellence

Operating out of Page Field in Fort Myers, FL, our students have plenty of opportunities for logging flight hours and enjoying remarkable sights during their flight time. The climate here is such that over 350 days of the year are conducive to take off with sunny, clear skies. More time in the sky means faster completion of your programs, whether you’re earning your initial private pilot certification or accruing the 1,500 logged hours required for airline pilot applicants.

Our students learn and practice flight in the industry standard aircraft for the purpose. We keep our fleet impeccably and make sure that the entire fleet classifies as Technically Advanced Aircraft. Whether you’re learning to fly a sport plane, single-engine aircraft, or twin-engine plane, our fleet offers a stellar piece of equipment.

As impressive as the quality of our fleet is at Paragon Flight, the quality of our flight instructor pool is equally superior. The level of our applicant pool is incredibly high due to both the excellent conditions for pilots in the region and the fact that we operate out of a major airport. We offer Certified Flight Instructors with experiences in all sectors of aviation and regions of flight conditions.

If you’re an international student looking for the best flight school for your training, call Paragon Flight or contact us by clicking here.