Best Flight School In Massachusetts

The best flight school for pilot hopefuls in Massachusetts is actually in Florida at Paragon Flight. We offer student-centered flight instruction that leverages expertise of instruction, quality of materials and equipment, and commitment of efforts. Earn your private or commercial pilot license in a fun, modern, and safe environment.

Best Flight School In MassachusettsParagon Flight, one of the best flight schools in the country, operates under both FAR parts 141 and 61 and has been selected several times over the years for awards from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. We go to great lengths to provide the best possible instruction using ideal aircraft, instructors, and curriculum.

For pilots, Florida is a go-to destination, with the type of weather, beauty, and opportunity that appeal to pilots. We avail ourselves of this high-quality flight instructor pool and select the best to teach our students.

Reach us by phone at (239) 747-0056 if you’d like to schedule a free collaborative consultation with Paragon Flight’s Chief Flight Instructor to create a unique plan that works with your situation and ambitions. Being a Part 141 and 61 approved program, we can provide a flexible course for students with limited time availability as well as a rigid curriculum and schedule for international students who need an M-1 student visa to attend, vets with GI benefits, and college students with federal financial aid packages.

Jeppesen Curriculum – Jeppesen is a subsidiary of aviation leader Boeing, and it produces the unique, highly effective curriculum that we use at Paragon Flight. The fact that we’re allowed to use this curriculum is in and of itself a compliment to our excellence and potential. Few flight schools get to use this curriculum, which has been proven to produce ready and safe pilots 30% faster than the national average. The curriculum includes all materials needed for excellent flight instruction.

Flight-Friendly Weather – Fort Myers, FL, home to Paragon Flight in Page Field, is a terrific place for being a pilot and becoming a pilot. The weather is sunny and clear more than 350 days of the year, providing plenty of flying opportunities. During training and in anticipation of new credentials, pilots will have the space, equipment, and weather to fly frequently and accumulate the needed flight hours.

Training Appropriate Aircraft – With a fleet that includes the Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Cessna C172S Skyhawk, Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and the ALSIM AL172 Flight Simulator, Paragon Flight is able to meet the demands of students seeking every credential for which we train. All of our aircraft are classified as Technically Advanced Aircraft, dependable in performance, and safe.

Highly Skilled and Diversely Experienced Flight Instructors

The flight instructors employed at Paragon Flight offer a wide range of experience and expertise to suit our pilot candidates well. We have a large pool of candidates and choose the best from among this pool to hire the best instructors. If you find that the Certified Flight Instructor doesn’t mesh with your personality or learning style, we will provide a more appropriate instructor.

Come to Paragon Flight from Massachusetts, Michigan, or any other location for one of the best flight training schools in the country. The quality of our flight instruction will surpass your expectations in terms of fun and preparation for flight. Contact us today via phone or by following this link to contact us online.