Best Flight School Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Skills learned from experts are skills mastered. Paragon Flight, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the best flight school for those who want to master the art and science of aviation. We welcome students from all over the world to take part in our award-winning, comprehensive, and customizable programs of flight training.

FAA Mandated Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Parts

Best Flight School Near Fort Lauderdale, FloridaThe initial deal breaker when choosing a flight school should be FAA authorization. FAA-approved flight schools must comply with the requirements of the FAR Part under which the flight school finds its approval.

The two Parts of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) that apply to flight schools are Parts 61 and 141. Part 61 is much more flexible regarding curriculum, scheduling, etc. while Part 141 authorized flight schools carry strict scheduling, curriculum, and other rules regarding the operations of the flight school.

Paragon Flight is proud to be one of the few flight schools authorized under both FAR Parts 61 and 141.

Welcoming to All

Students from the US and abroad can find personalized flight training here at Paragon Flight. Being authorized under FAR Parts 141, we’re able to welcome full-time students holding an M-1 Visa, the only way that foreign student-pilots are able to come to the United States for flight training.

International students applying for M-1 status can reach out to Paragon Flight for the required I-20 form as well as answers to any questions about the process.

Essential Equipment for Flight Training

Flight training requires the aircraft for both mastering practical skills and accumulating the required number of hours. We house every plane that relates to the programs we offer including the C172S Skyhawk, PA-44 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cessna C206H Stationair, Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and an AlSIM Flight Simulator. All of our planes are Technically Advanced Aircraft with Glass Cockpit technology and top-of-the-line avionics. The training you receive here will readily translate to the equipment you’ll see in the planes of today and tomorrow.

Facilities and Location Conducive to Flight Training

Page Field in Fort Myers, FL serves as the home for Paragon Flight. We provide a tower-controlled runway, an array of practice fields and airports, more than 350 days of ready-for-take-off weather, and modern facilities for flight instruction.

Superior Team of Certified Flight Instructors

When the area that you serve is in the middle of paradise, the pool of applicants will be larger and better trained than if the area were less ideal. At Paragon Flight, we have a team of Certified Flight Instructors that will surpass your expectations.

Outstanding and Comprehensive Curriculum

The Jeppeson curriculum is unarguably one of the best flight training curriculums in the world. The company is quite selective, and we’re proud to be one of the few flight schools chosen to use it. In our mission to produce the finest pilots in the world, every tool we use is of the highest quality available.

The best flight school for newbies or experienced pilots to level up in their abilities, Paragon Flight, is near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We provide a personalized program for every student, and we offer a fun, engaging experience as well. To learn more about our programs or financing avenues, or to schedule a Discovery Flight, call to speak with our staff today: (239) 274-3170.