Best Flight Schools for Multi-Engine Flight Training

Graduating to faster, more powerful planes as a pilot is a rite of passage, and a necessity for those who are career-driven, but making sure that you receive the training you need comes by choosing Paragon Flight, one of the best flight schools for multi-engine flight training.

The Multi-Engine Add-On Rating

Best Flight Schools for Multi-Engine Flight TrainingBy earning the multi-engine add-on rating, pilots are legally allowed to command planes with more than a single engine. Twin-engine aircraft have different systems, reach greater speeds, clear greater distances, and exhibit new hazards that our program prepares you to handle. In a short period of time, we offer the knowledge of the different systems and conditions along with the flight time to perfect the right response to hazardous situations – in all conditions.

The Paragon Flight Choice

The superior choice of flight school, Paragon Flight, provides quality in every element of training – from the fleet of training aircraft, the team of Certified-Flight Instructors (CFIs), and even the option for further training when required. The add-on rating requires that a pilot already have a private or commercial pilot’s certificate, and our program is geared toward those with a commercial bent. For pilots who’d like to pursue an airline career, this step is a necessary one in their career plan.

The Fleet of Multi-Engine Planes

When pursuing a multi-engine add-on rating, documenting the required time in the air can be expensive, so choosing a school with a high-quality, well-maintained fleet is essential. Paragon Flight offers our multi-engine student-pilots use of our in-house Piper PA-44 Seminole for training. This aircraft is widely considered the standard for multi-engine flight instruction and practice, and all of our training aircraft are designated as Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA). Our training measures are meant to apply to future flight experiences and aircraft.

Award-Winning Flight Instruction and Training Programs

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has repeatedly recognized us for providing superior flight training experience and for being one of the top flight schools in the United States. This organization is widely considered to be a leading authority on quality of flight instruction.

Safety Focused Multi-Engine Training

The safe operation of a twin-engine aircraft requires the kind of specific, expert training available here at Paragon Flight. Planes with more than one engine require mastery of appropriate reactions for scenarios when one engine fails.

Our instructors will cover everything that you need to know, providing ground and air instruction during an intensive 13-hour training course, completable in one short week. Our multi-engine course typically includes 5 hours of ground instruction, 11.5 hours of flight training time, 1.5 hours for checkride, and supplemental training materials. For pilots who need a bit more time in the air, a 15-hour course is available.

Introducing Paragon Flight

  • Governed by Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 and Part 61 – providing opportunities for both full-time student-pilots as well as those dealing with competing life obligations
  • Located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida with beautiful flying weather and convenient access to many metropolises
  • Staffed by a team of highly trained and experienced Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs)

The best flight schools for multi-engine training checks all the boxes required for an effective learning experience. We’re proven to produce prepared, safe, pilots, making Paragon Flight, in Fort Myers, FL, the right choice for pilots seeking new heights in more powerful planes.