Best Flight Schools In The United States

Are you attempting to identify the best flight schools in the United States as you anticipate pursuing your own aviation dreams? Paragon Flight should definitely be on that list, and we aim to prove that it should, in fact, top the list. From remarkable flying weather all year long to incredible instructors and more, the results are faster, better, and individualized.

Best Flight Schools In The United StatesThe capacity and efforts of Paragon Flight are evident in our reputation and awards won. As you plan to become a pilot, allow us to demonstrate the quality of the service that we have to offer, with comprehensive and customized programs to meet every student-pilot’s training needs well.

The Credentials Made Possible at Paragon Flight

Paragon Flight provides training for a wide range of flight credentials, including all of the following:

  • Non-Commercial
    • Private Pilot
    • Instrument Pilot
    • Multi-Engine
  • Professional and Commercial
    • Airline and Commercial
    • Multi-Engine
    • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI)
  • Military and Government
    • Initial Flight Orientation (IFO)
    • Single Engine Recurrent Training (SERT)
    • Rotary Wing to Fixed Wing Transition Training
    • Aircraft Transition and Differences Training

As you can see, we’re prepared to guide you through flight training, no matter your current level of credentials.

Expectations for Your Paragon Flight Experience

When you come to Paragon Flight for flight training, you will receive instruction and practical modeling and oversight from experts in the field. We hire the best of the best and arm them with the premiere flight training curriculum in the world, the Jeppesen curriculum. Produced by Jeppesen, a Boeing subsidiary,  the curriculum that we use is advanced and comprehensive, proven to produce ready pilots 30% faster than the national average.

The flight school programs that we offer are authorized by the FAA under both FAR Parts 61 and 141. With both approvals, we can provide custom programs for pilot hopefuls with less free time for attendance as well as full-time, strict programs for students who require structure for learning or who must have a Part 141 program because of their financing plans or because they’re international-based students.

Paragon Flight’s home is Page Field (FMY) in Fort Myers, FL. This airport is the foremost general aviation airport in Southwest Florida, but the area also hosts Southwest Florida International (RSW), a single-runway airport with plenty of activity and business. Being near several cities, pilots will find accommodations that work with their budgets and preferences. Finally, the weather here is beautiful for takeoff all year long, allowing pilots to accrue flight hours faster than at other locations.

Flight training at Paragon Flight takes place in aircraft that are honed for the purpose of training. We equip all of our planes with Glass Cockpit technology and advanced avionics. The entire fleet includes aircraft that work for the training programs that we offer. You’ll find the Piper PA28 “Pilot,” Cessna C172S Skyhawk, Piper PA-44-180 Seminole, Cessna T182T Skylane, Cirrus SR20 G6, Cirrus SR22 G5/G6, and ALSIM AL172 awaiting you here at Paragon Flight for the purposes of practical experience.

The plans that you have for aviation can be fully met at Paragon Flight, one of the best flight schools in the United States. Get started or continue on your own aviation path by contacting us via phone at (239) 274-3170 or online by following this link.